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Hegner owners I have a question

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  • Hegner owners I have a question

    My 18vs hegner has the blower block mounted on the sliver straight arm that never moves up on the right front side. I find this is kinda hard with the blower tube in the way when I saw. I was on the advanced site and I noticed it seems to be attached on the arm that moves up and down on the left. Is that the way yours is and how can I move this and where should I put it so it more out of my scrolling way. I would like it so the flex tube would be on the left side of my blade when I scroll.

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    Bill, this is how I have mine set up. It is not in my way at all and attached to my vacuum.
    Chuck D

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      Hi Bill,
      Go to my website: New Products
      That is how I have mine.
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        Bill, I have two of Mike's set ups on my Hegners and have used them for years. I like Chucks idea as well. On Mikes set up, it is still on the right hand side...perhaps you could purchase more of the blue line and use it on the left hand side.


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          Bill I have the flex type sold by Mike on my Hegner. The way Hegner's tube is positioned it blows the sawdust right in your face and they have equiped them that way for years.

          You would think they would have changed the design by now.

          For as expensive of a saw as they are I don't think that is to much to ask.

          Boy!! I'm sure glad I got that off my chest.
          Stoney aka Al

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