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  • Need input on some nice used equipment

    So, I'm suffering an embarrassment of riches. Came across a great deal... strike that, a ridiculous, hit the lottery kind'a deal on a Performax 37" Double Drum Sander, Mini Max T124 Duplicator Lathe, a Jet 6x89" Oscillating Edge Sander, and a Jet Oscillating Spindle Sander.

    I have a B-I-L that's interested in trading me for the drum sander (he's got a brand new 22x44 Performax he offered plus $200). The one I picked up is maybe about 6-7 years old and needs a new feed belt (found for $130 + S&H). I have a brand new Jet lathe that I've no time to play with already, no room for the edge sander, and was really only interested in the Spindle Sander to begin with... but I couldn't pass on the deal. Not lookin' to gloat - I really can't keep anything but the one small sander, I'm just not sure what I should ask for this stuff.

    The 37x2 Performax is well over $5k new, the Lathe - almost five grand, and the Edge Sander - about a $1,000 new. Since I'd end up selling the smaller drum sander anyway, I'm thinkin' I might just as well try to sell the bigger one. As for the lathe, I've seen them referred to as a great deal at $1,500, and the Edge Sander I've been seein' on C.L. for $300+. I'm just kind'a curious what y'all might think about resell prices.

    Wha'dya think about this:

    Edge Sander - $300
    Lathe - $1,400
    37x2 Drum Sander - $1,500............ -or- the practically new 22" for $1,200?

    I don't have room to use or store 'em or I'd keep it all, and I don't like to throw away money, but I enjoy lettin' somebody else get a good buy, so please chime in.

    I'm really torn about the whole thing 'cuz I rarely if ever see things like this size drum sander, or the lathe, available used around here at any price.
    Ron Paul

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    I sure wish you lived here in the Islands...but guess I will have to just wish. I would think those are great prices for someone.


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