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Porter Cable Disk/Belt Sander

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  • Porter Cable Disk/Belt Sander


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    I have one of those. It's a workhorse. I don't think you'll be disappointed.



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        I'm with Jan, it is a workhorse!!! Have had mine over a year and no issues whatsoever. When I purchased it they said it was more of an industrial strength combo sander than most, which are geared towards hobbist and such. Whether it was just a sales pitch or not, it has my vote. The only issue I have found that Lowe's (where I bought it) is the only local store for the sheets for the disc sander and the only options are a combo pack of 80/ I try to buy a couple packs at a time as they do not always have them. I need to find another source for them as they are pricey and do not seem to last as long.

        Good luck with your purchase!
        ~ Kim

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          You can get discs/belts and just about anything else here Products - Discs - PSA - Supergrit

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            Recently picked up an older (probably 15-20 yrs.) Craftsman combo sander for $40. 9" Disc & 6x48" Belt, stand, nice 3/4 hp belt drive motor, dust shroud and probably a good 100+ pounds of vibration dampening cast iron in it, and on it with the side table. Took about a half hour to clean up, oil, adjust, and attach a graphite pad. Now for less than $100 I have a solid sander and a full compliment of belts and discs. Better than new IMNSHO.

            BTW, I've gotten very good service and decent prices from Klingspor for a while now. Plus they're a Festool Dealer (my latest New new tool addiction)

            Abrasives From Klingspor's Woodworking Shop

            I absolutely love OLD Porter Cable tools. Just finished re-habbin' a #503 "locomotive" worm drive belt sander, own a pile of their old Industrial Laminate Trimmers, etc. but I'm not a big fan of anything that they've put out since the B&D take over. Same pretty much goes for B&D itself for that matter. They used to market/re-brand Elu plunge routers for example, that I think were made in Switzerland, that were smooth as a babies bottom. Their 1 1/4 hp plunge was THE class act for as long as they made it. Only one out that would actually plunge smoothly with just one hand on it. Their current designs still LOOK pretty much the same, but between the sloppier bearings and tolerances, and cheaper materials throughout, they just don't perform anywhere near as well.

            I've no personal experience with the current tool being considered, and several people that I know are happy owners of this very same unit. I'm just an old fuddy-duddy cynic about what manufacturers do to be able to mass market through the big box stores. Home Depot sells such a huge portion of DeWalt's tools now that they can tell DeWalt what they want built to hit what price point. Power tool development used to be driven by innovation and a desire to offer better and better, rather than cheaper and cheaper. That's why so much of the older stuff is worth fixin' and the new is pretty much throw away when it breaks. Just pick up a new P.C. trimmer and then one of their old industrial trimmers and you'll see what I mean. I'm not suggesting that this applies to this particular tool, but if it's made in China, I'd just as soon go straight to Harbor Fright and buy it on sale with their extended warranty and save a few bucks for abrasives.

            I believe I saw a demonstrator of this model on sale at a local Lowes for about $130 when I was lookin' fer one, but the regular price was still up closer to $180 or so. Not knockin' it... just sayin', a quick scan of Craig's List might save ya some loot and get ya a bigger or better sander.

            I realize that not every body has room for a big ol' belt driven combo sander on a stand, but if ya do, I would suggest given the old iron a look before ya plunk your money down to help stimulate the Communist Chinese economy. It'll maybe save ya some dough, get ya a better tool,... plus you'll get a big stupid smile on yer face every time you fire it up.

            Of course there's also the historic significance as well. With the old iron you'll have proof that folks in the U.S. used to make some really nice stuff. Not tryin' ta be funny, but ya soon may have to take yer kids to a museum to make that point. : (

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