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sizing drill bits to match blades

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  • sizing drill bits to match blades

    I've been scrolling for quite a while and have always had access to drill bits from local businesses, particularly Lowes and Home Depot. The smallest they have is 1/16", which is too big for most of my scrolling.
    So, I still need to check Sears and Hobby Lobby to see if they have anything smaller.
    My question is, most bits have numbers like 60, 63, etc. What number corresponds with something that is about half the size of a 1/16" bit? I went to Mike's Flying Dutchman site and 63 seems to be the best answer, or is that too small?
    Help?? Any comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated.
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    I forgot to say that most of the time I use a no. 5 blade or smaller. What size bit is best for no. 3 blades, or smaller?
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      I figured out bit size by taking my favorite blades to a model railroad hobby store, and did them by eye......

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        Mike does provide the width of the blade and a #63 should be the drill for SR #5. A #65 should be the bit for a SR #3. There are several web sites that provide charts for drill bit sizes if you know the width of your blade. Here is a no nonsense chart I use to determine size - Drill Size Conversions -- Technical Notes
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          Here are couple references I have used...look at the Olsen Chart and it will tell you what they recommend and sizes, if you need sizes by OD then use the New York Drill Chart.

          There are a couple places that you can actually buy drill bits just for scrollers one of them on the internet is: Drill Bits. I have also found some locally at the Harbor Freight store, they are not marketed for scrollers, but they are tiny and do the trick! However, they are not super long, so they do not work if drilling at angles in thick wood for bowls or inlays. You do have to be careful as they do break fairly easy. Using a drill press you may have to buy an additional collet so you can chuck them in your press.

          I hope it helps and good luck in your search!
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            Mike at Mike's Workshop English featuring: my life story, a cancer survivor, scrollsawing samples and tips, community service, list of favorite sites and Flying Dutchman fretsaw blades for sale. also sells drill bits that are matched to the blade sizes.



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              Thanx and oops Jan...I had a blonde moment on Mike's site...duh....that is where I get my blades! Sorry for the brainfart - lol!
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                Bubba, the smaller bits are called wire bits and come in sizes from about #54 (the biggest) to about #85 (the smallest). I use a #54 for a #5 blade and a #61 for a #2 or 2/0 blade. You can get them from Mike, Sloan's (in Tenn), or Wildwood-CherryTree.

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                  Mike is the only answer you need, trust me !!! dogs


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                    If you have an Ace Hardware near, some carry a set of wire bits 60 to 84


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                      Home Depot and Lowes usually have them but you need to look by the Dremel accessories.

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                        Check on the internet under widget supply, they have those small drill bits as does Mikes.

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                          I get my bits and the collet from Mike. One trick I have found with any small bit with and without a collet, is to place the bit against the wood before you start the drill press. I have fried several collets for small bit and none of them had a straight spin. When they are against the wood thy have no place to go...
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                            Yeah - what Jan said. Look in the right hand column.

                            Mike's Workshop selling Flying Dutchman brand fret and scrollsaw blades
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