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  • May we have a momment of silence please

    Well My Dremel up a died on me. I was cutting diamond plate with a cut off wheel and " pop and smoke" was the last thing it said. So now I am on the search for a drill and a detailed sander. My question is: has anyone used the Seyco THE SCROLLERS DRILL is it good. I am leaning towards the dremel cause of the versatility for grinding and polishing. and it is cheaper. what is your take on it. I kind of wonder why Seyco's price is so high, if it was a lot cheaper I would buy both.

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    When one sees a life spent spinning on the brink of control, one can be excused for feeling a sense of relief at it's passing. It is best to deal with grief by celebrating that life with a new device that spins as fast as the old.


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      Too dang funny...I feel your pain, as I have been there too! Mine didn't give me any notice either and poof up in smoke it went...unlike you I did not bow my head, I think it actually spun around a few times and spurted out some very nasty words that a sailor/trucker/biker would not even say - lol! Due to the fact that I would be completely lost without my dremel, I ran out to Lowe's and they happened to be having a special at the time and picked up the brand new 4000, it is a power house!!! I personally would stick with what I know and save some money while you do it...nothing against Seyco!
      ~ Kim

      A day in my shop is like a day at the beach...full of sunshine and ya never know where the sawdust may end up!


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        Being a diet controlled type 2 diabetic, I check my glucose. Checked before my shot on Tuesday it was fine. Checked on Wednesday after a morning walk expecting to see less than 100 and about fainted when it read 158. Every check has been 150 or more since then. Started reading and yes, the shots can...
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        Not yet Jim. The corners of the baskets to appear to be drawn by hand or just a bad copy. The price might go up. Thanks Linda. For some reason I really like doing layered baskets. And my customers like buying them. Bruce read a blacklight shows glue spots. Guess what he bought me from harbor freight...
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        Jim, if all else fails, try this link://

        I've bought lovely aspen and Balm of Gilead rounds from this site to use for live edge bowls. The owner, Rene Guay (pronounced "Rainey") could probably fabricate something...
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        I guess you whipped that challenge.
        Beautiful work.
        Yesterday, 02:54 PM
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        Very lovely. You do great work
        Yesterday, 11:56 AM