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    I am going to be investing in my shop again in the near future and I was wondering which tool to get. I have a use for both a band saw and a router. Do you have any recommendations on 1. which is more useful in your shop, 2. Brands/models to get or stay away from and 3. any other useful info on either tool.

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    I don't have specific recommendations as to which tool to get, just a few thoughts to consider when looking.

    You first need to determine the size you need, based on what you intend to do with it. If you are resawing, you will want at minimum a 14" saw with a 1Hp to 1.5HP motor. For resawing, bigger is better, but more expensive. If you want to resaw and can only afford a 14" saw, you can get riser kits to add extra height for resawing wider stock. Resawing 12" wide boards can test a 14" bandsaw, but with the proper setup and a good blade, it is possible. Just for a sampling of what is available, check out Grizzly line of bandsaws. They probably have the widest selection of anyone. Generally speaking, they are pretty popular with home woodworkers.

    If this is your first router, I would suggest looking into one of the multi-base kits. Several manufacturers offer kits with one motor and 2 or 3 different bases. Having a fixed base and a plunge base makes the router much more versatile. Bosch, Milwaukee, Porter-Cable, DeWalt, Hitachi and others offer these kits.

    Best advice is not to skimp on these tools. You can drop a lot of money on either of them, but consider it an investment.
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      I agree with Bill. Over the years I have spent allot of $$$ on both band saws and routers. Started off with cheap Harbor Freight band saw (I still have it) and a cheap router (don't have that one...burnt up I think). I would look at the type of woodworking you plan on doing before you choose on one or the may find you could have a use for both of them. A multi-based router really allows you to do so many different types of woodworking. I use a 14" Delta Band saw with a riser kit Bill is talking about. I would like to have a nice 17 - 18" band saw because I could find a good use to it right now.


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        buy a good dust collection system.. start with simple and when you are ready to do the harder projects TAKE YOUR TIME...


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          For quality band saw machine selections, click on this link .


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