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    the saw i got to have a go at scrolling with, will only take pin end blades. The blades that came with it are way too deep to turn in their own cut width,"silverline" the only pin end blades that i can find in the UK that seem to be small enough to turn in their own width are "Fern" or "Sealey", has anybody used either of these types of blade, or have any other brands they can recomend with a pin end.( and i know i should have bought a better saw, that takes plain end blades which i will if i take to this scrolling hobbie) Thanks in advance pete.

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    What kind of saw do you have? Maybe you can find an adapter. I used one on a Dermal for a good while until I wore it out, the saw that is, not the adapter. Good Luck
    Chuck D

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      This firm do "decent" pin end blades - they also do an adaptor to take plain blades. The Wooden Teddy Bear, Inc.: Blades. They're in the US but their shipping to Europe is reasonable.
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        thanks for the link, i have emailed them to see if the olson adaptor for plain end blades will, or can be made to fit my saw which is a performance 16".


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