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  • Sears saw?

    Hi - new to scroll saw work, so not sure about a decent beginner saw.

    I am thinking this one is worth a look...

    Sears Craftsman Scroll Saw - $40

    Is that a reasonable price for this saw? I am just a beginner, so ya know, it doesn't have to be a Cadillac right now.

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    Welcome to the site and the world of scroll sawing. The machine in question is only a single speed. YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY. Keep looking.
    Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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      hey your looking at a saw in brentwood / oakley? that's only an hour from me..

      you know, you can get a new craftsman scroll saw for just over $100..

      I started on a Craftsman saw....

      Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
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        NC & Trout - thanks for the feedback - I ended up getting it because I needed something, and, I currently only had enough cash to get it. I will try it out and if I really don't like it, no problem, I will sell it and save for the right one.

        So... that said - what are 2 or 3 good scroll saws for a beginner but will also be good for an experienced scroll saw artist?



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          The saw you purchased will not accept plain end blades so you will not be able to do inside cuts without drilling unsightly holes. The good news is that it does good work for the money. I had one for years and used an adapter kit to make inside cuts, don't know if the kit is still available.


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            The craftsman 16 inch variable speed saw is a great saw for both beginners and experienced. I used one for a long time. The only down fall I had with it is that it had to have a tool for blade changes. Now I'm using a porter cable saw (the one from Lowes that has a stand with it). I love it b/c toolless blade changes and has a great light on it. The choice of saws is up to the person using it. The only thing I would suggest when looking into one is: 1: make sure it can use both pin and pinless blades. 2: has variable speed 3: good worklight. My personal choice is that it has a table tilt to the left and right, but you can get by with onesided tilt. Now after you get a saw you'll want a fish aquarium pump for the blower as the one that's built in don't work good and it depends on the speed of the saw. Hope this helps you. I have to agree with the others you'll not be happy with the single speed one just like you won't be happy with ones that won't use anything but pin blades as both will limit you to what you can cut. Hope this helps. One last thing is that when you get ready to upgrade to a new saw research them online and read the reviews they come in handy in picking as others have used them and give great feedback. "Keep Scrolling Along".
            "Keep Scrolling Along"
            Chris "The WoodArtist"


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              I started with a $100 craftsman. It lasted about 1 1/2 years. blade changing is frustrating, especially small blades. It's OK for a starter. If you can afford the cost of a Dewalt or similar level saw you won't regret it.


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                Raymond - thanks for the tip. I am sure I will eventually want to do cuts with plain end blades. I will look around for the adapter.

                Artist - thanks so much on the Porter Cable tip - I saw an article comparing several scroll saws and the PC one was one of their top choices. An aquarium pump, who knew!?!?

                hap - ya, I am pretty sure this will be my starter scroll saw. Good for basic stuff. Right now, I am going to use it to make some cute advent calendars for my nephews.

                Not sure if any of you watch SteveInMarin (Woodworking for Mere Mortals), but he's great and he did a project on a bandsaw that I thought would be cute. Check it out HERE

                Most of all - thanks to all of you for the honest and candid feedback. I figured for $40 it was an OK saw and I can learn much from it before investing a couple hundred bucks a bit later on...

                Happy Scrolling!
                -- Jim


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                  Jim -- I started out with a $40 saw, then added a plain end blade adapter, then managed to upgrade to a much better saw. Have fun with what you have!! Some day you will upgrade.
                  Mtnman Jim

                  taking life as it comes and trying to make the best of it


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                    Thanks mtnman... I'm in no rush, just want to cut wood. :-)


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                      Jim, check for an adapter. Look under scroll saw retrofit items.
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                        I have lost track of the number of fretwork I had done on my inexpensive Sears saw that is similar to yours. This is just a sample, as you can see, quality work can be done on this saw. Take your time, have patience and just have fun, I sure did! Now that I have upgraded to a better saw, I am going to let my youngest use the older saw so she might get the scroll sawing bug.
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                          I guess I spoke too soon. I was using my Sears saw on Wednesday night, I decided to use the foot pedal one more time. The second I started cutting, the blade broke and the saw quit working. I bought it Memorial Day weekend this year and it is broke already. The repairman is coming Wednesday, if and when it is fixed I will never try to use the pedal again. Yes, I am upset, I expect better than that from Sears.


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                            I wish I'd seen this thread at the beginning...I'd have told you to save your money.
                            Sears craftsman saws aren't worth it.
                            That's what I had at the beginning of my crafting years ago.
                            The dang thing was so loud I think I have hearing damage from it.
                            I had to chunk it in the trash. And I didn't know that there were better saw out there. Of course back then I didn't have a computer I just didn't know about better saws.

                            Now many years later....I'm hankering for a scrollsaw again....and I'm holding out for an Excalibur. I will not make that cheap saw mistake again.
                            I will have an Excalibut 21 inch before month of December is over. I went back to work, out of retirement, so I could get it.


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                              My Sears scroll saw is fixed. The repairman said that the counter weights vibrated loose, perhaps because they were not tightened correctly at the factory.

                              At least I got it back.


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