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  • CanadianScroller
    Evie you ROCK!

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  • minowevie
    Well, let me put my foot in here. and say . POOOOOOOOOOP on all that crap. they all work just fine. what I look for is price. and my saw can hadle any of them. I really just hate all this war stuff. Baaa hum bug. Evie

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  • lucky788scroller
    started a topic blade question asked

    blade question asked

    If I understood correctly, the mod said this should have been here, thats why it was deleted. So, here it is, in tool and blade topic Dale

    Originally Posted by workin for wood
    I've just been buying my blades from Hawk, and they seem like any other blade. Any idea who makes them? I hear they come from Germany.
    Jeff Powell

    Originally Posted by Marcel in Longueuil
    Sorry Jeff,

    I'm not familiar with the manufacturers of blades that are behind the scene.

    You may want to ask that question in the presently ongoing thread in the TOOLS & BLADES section of the forum.

    MikeM seems to be watching that thread and will answer it for sure


    Originally Posted by Lucky788scroller
    Last I heard, RBI is sending out Niqua made blades, the same outfit that does the Flying Dutchmans. For a while, they were sending out a diffrent brand of blades, but got so many complaints they switched. Dale

    Originally Posted by 3 M
    Dale is correct. They are the same as the FD blades.
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