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  • What Planer do you use

    I am thinking of buying a new 3 blade 13" planer. I have looked a several of them and just wanted to ask what some of you use and how do you like them. Do the blades last a long time, easy change of the blades, how loud is the machine when running, does it have a dust chute

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    Larry I have a Grizzly 15" Planer 2 HP the older model - new one's are 3 HP . Now I've had it for over 5 years now and still love it , had a friend that had this same planer and I used it first and was hooked so I went and ordered me one . If your careful and not run any nails threw it you'll be surprized how long it'll go without having the blades sharpened . I decided when it was getting close for them to be sharpened I brought a extra set of blades where I'd always have a sharp set handy ......mine have a easy change blades and it come with the tools to line them up two cents worth ......MB: smile_old:
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      I have the Rigid 13" planer and it is okay but not great. Blade changes are not bad but the tool that comes with it for changing blades is a joke. I have tried adjusting everything I could but for some reason I cannot get rid of the snipe. I have seen some models have a lock which keeps the cutting head from raising while cutting. It does have a dust chute and it will connect to the 4" dust collector hose or you can use the adapter that comes with it to connect to a shop vac. Using either the DC or the shop vac I would highly recommend a chip separator because it will clog without one. The machine is kind of loud. When I decide to upgrade I will look for one with the spiral cutting head because the cut is much cleaner than with the 3 blades.

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        I have an older 12" delta . When I purchased it I was not aware of a snipe problem .To compensate for the snipe you can hot glue strips on either side of the board allowing them to stick out a couple of inchs on each end .The only problem now is you have to cut waste wood .

        I would look for a planer with self adjusting blade alignment and a snipe lock .

        I have not had to change blades yet so I'm not sure of the difficulties with alignment.



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          I have the Dewalt 735. I love it. It has an excelent chip removal system.
          A very powerful blower that inflates my dust collector without turning the collector on.
          . I bought mine as a package with the extensions and stand.
          They are all loud and I wear ear protection when running it as I do when routing.
          Blade life depends on the wood you are planing. Blade change is very easy. The blades are 2 sided and pinned. a T handle is proved with magnets in the handle for picking up the blades.
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            I am with Rolf. A Dewalt 735. I got the DW7353 chip collector plus the stand and extensions with mine. The DW7353 fits a standard 20 or so gallon trash can and contains all of the chips and most of the dust.

            The blades that came with mine were excellent for longevity until I tried planing several 10d gun nails.



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              I am with Rolf I have that DeWalt also and like it.
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                I have an older 2 blade dewalt(733), but i think it does a great job,blade changes are fast and easy......It is pretty loud tho ,use hearing protection for sure


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                  I have an older Delta like Ramjet

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                    I have a cheapy, GMC. It has given great service and I have gone through three sets of blades and it's still going strong.
                    It's as loud as all hell, so ear muffs are a must. I don't think much can be done about the noise created by thicknessers as it is generated more by the blades striking the timber rather than the motor.
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