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    Yesterday a friend of mine showed up with an old table saw in the back of his truck. He is a contractor working with different Banks that foreclosed on homes on the Island. His job is to have a crew that cleans out the houses and then put them back into the new home look so they can be resold. At times I guess some people leave allot of junk. That is where the table saw can from.

    At first glance, we thought it was an old Delta...because of the grey color. Turns out it is a Walker Turner. 1 HP motor works great on it. The top is very rusty and I think I will try some navel jelly on it...sanding just was not working that well. I do have and use a Bosh fold up table saw now, but always thought it would be nice to have a contractors table saw but not willing to pay for a tool I would not use all that cabinet building days seem to be over..

    I searched on line this morning and found they built these in NJ starting in the 1930's and sold them at times through Montgomery Wards and Sears. And you can still get parts for them. This thing is really heavy and since it seems to run good I will put it back into good condition and build a slide table for it.

    I wondered it any of you folks have one of these saws. The website says they built table saws, joiners, band and scroll saws.

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    Jelly? I just have fuzz.
    Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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      Hi Larry:
      Don't have any stuff from them, but noticed the rust comment. If you can find Boesheild Rust Free it really works well, may need a green scrubby or some steel wool, but does the job. Boesheild T-9 is a great sealer and lubricant. Paid around $30 for the duo in Kenai, Ak a couple years ago. To date it looks like a lifetime supply. Website is
      Got Moose?


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        You can find a lot of information about that company, and about restoration of classic power tools at or at its sister site, (just google ...OWWM Walker Turner...for starters). There are W-T experts hanging around that site just waiting for new members to help.


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