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Finally, the Day has Arrived…Halleluiah!!!

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  • Finally, the Day has Arrived…Halleluiah!!!

    Well, I finally received my refund check for ol’ yeller and a nice commission check from WAMA for last month’s sales…so now I can order my new Excalibur 30 saw….YIPPEE!!! I have a tendency to do everything on the large scale so I decided to go with the 30” instead of the 21”…this time size really DOES matter – lol!

    So now I have the $100 question…where to order it from??? Doing a Google search it comes up a few places, with prices all over the place! I would really appreciate your input on where to order it from. I am not promoting any of these sites…just listing the prices to compare, so I (with your help) can make a more informed decision and get the most bang for my buck:

    • sells the Ex30 (w/ stand) for $885.92 plus S/H (around $100)
    • (via ToolKing) price is $928.42 plus S/H (about $80)
    • Seyco sells it for $979.99 (w/o stand), plus S/H (around $80)
    • And hold on to your hats…Wally…can you believe that one!?! Now theirs comes from ToolKing once again - $868.94 (w/ stand) plus $39.99 ship to home.

    WHY are the prices all over the place!?! In reality, I really do not need the stand (no room in shop) as it will be mounted to my work bench where ol' yeller used to sit. I have read where the thumbscrews wear out, do I need to order them while I am at it? Any additional pieces and parts I need to order?

    All input is greatly appreciated!!!
    ~ Kim

    A day in my shop is like a day at the beach...full of sunshine and ya never know where the sawdust may end up!

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    First don't be in too big a rush. Black Friday is only a week away you may find some incredible bargains. I'd call Ray at seyco and ask if he will do a price match. You can also ask if he has any refurbished on hand they come with his warranty as well and he really does a good job. The worst he can say is no. If you want to save shipping later on I'd get an extra set of the thumb screws but I have not needed any yet after a year. Just don't be over zealous in your tightening the thumbscrews. They hold incredibly well.

    Congrats on getting that whole mess cleared up.
    "Still Montana Mike"

    "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
    Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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      Originally posted by wood-n-things View Post
      First don't be in too big a rush.
      Easy for you to say - lol! I have been limping around on my low budget, tiny, tiny saw for months...I know, do I want some cheese with my wine - lol! I have 10 boxes to make for x-mas orders (by the end of first week in Dec) and just thought it would be nice to complete them in ease.

      Seriously tho, I really appreciate your input and will keep it in mind!
      ~ Kim

      A day in my shop is like a day at the beach...full of sunshine and ya never know where the sawdust may end up!


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        I have had my Ex 30 for 3 years now. No issues whatsoever. Thumbsrews still show no wear. I do lightly sand both ends of the blades to remove the oil first before installing...then just tighten lightly.


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          The Excalibur is not a simple design, so there is a lot that could go wrong. Eventually, you will need support.

          Ray would not come down on price for me. I still purchased it from him because when something does go wrong, Ray is the best person to help and I want to be able to call him to help me out with the "saw he sold me."

          To me, it is work the extra $$$ not to have to make the call that begins with "Hello, Ray, I didn't buy my saw from you, but I have issues and no one else can help"

          I don't do awkward, but that's just me


          ps. When I ordered, he did throw in a nice foot switch, blades, and some books.
          "Ever Striving, Never Arriving"


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            I'm in the market for a Scroll Saw as well and I wanted to let you know that if you register with Mr. Rebates and search for either Walmart or Tool King and redirect to those sites through Mr. Rebates you can get an additional 5% plus free shipping on all purchases. I called Seyco to see if they could match the price of Tool King, I left a message but have not heard back as of yet. As much as I try, I cannot justify spending 57% more to purchase from Seyco. Living in Texas I have to pay Tax in addition to what yall pay and the difference between Tool Kings price and Seyco's on the EX-16 with shipping is 57% more. I'll deal with the awkwardness.


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              Kim: No matter what the other prices may be, Ray is worth the difference in cost. The saw comes from him beautifully adjusted and working perfectly. Besides that, he is an amazing source of knowledge about the saw and the maintenance. I didn't buy my first EX-21 from him and wish I had. It had been damaged before I bought it. Ray, in spite of my stupidity, worked through the problems with me and recommended replacing the saw under warranty. He did so and that second saw has been flawless for quite a long time now. Ray's the best.



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                Thanks I'm glad to know that before I purchased the saw. I can't afford the EX-16 for the price that Seyco has 57% or $257.46 more is out of my budget. I guess I will have to go with the Delta. Too bad, for all the reviews I was reading I thought the Excalibur sounded like a solid machine out of the box. Again I appreciate your input...I didn't want to have to go through all the warranty hassles.


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                  Thanx everyone, I appreciate your input!!! After my three-year ordeal with ol' lemon, I know how much good customer service is worth!!! I guess I just needed to hear it to confirm funds are tight these days, so ya gotta get the most for it. However, I am gonna give Ray a call and see if he has any deals on a refurb or black friday special.

                  Thanx again!
                  ~ Kim

                  A day in my shop is like a day at the beach...full of sunshine and ya never know where the sawdust may end up!



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