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    Few weeks ago my engine and driver was burned :/

    I received new engine and driver weeks ago . Mounted all today.
    Unfortunately, I have extreme vibration. Saw can not reach full speed.
    Excalibur EX-30 - YouTube
    How this could be adjusted .I tried to turn the engine, but this is not working .

    What else should I check?

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    I can't tell from that video whether there is an abnormal amount of vibration. The saw does vibrate a fair amount if you don't have it mounted to something solid... Preferably the stand. Mine is rock solid on the sand and would probably pass the nickel test but on the cabinet where I now have it, it sounds similar to yours.

    The motor adjustment is to minimize the front-to-back blade motion only, it doesn't make any noticeable change to the amount of vibration as far as I can tell.

    Do you have the saw mounted in the same way as before you replaced the motor? Can you bolt it down? Do you have the stand for it?
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      Are there any counter weights on the motor shaft that are now not in the right location? After replacing the motor. The motor is balanced so it would have to be how you connected it.
      Unless there was an initial problem in the saw that caused things to burn up in the first place.
      Have you talked to SEYCO?
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