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Dremel Motoshop 57-2 usefulness

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  • Dremel Motoshop 57-2 usefulness

    New to scrolling per se, and I'd like to use the tools I have before I go off and spend $750 on a proper scroll saw. I have an ancient Dremel Motoshop 57-2 with some 3" pin blades and the power takeoff shaft. My main question is whether it would be worth the effort to try to do some of the Intarsia work with the saw or just save and get a proper one. I prefer not to buy the $120 level scroll saws as I'm sure I will upgrade them quickly.

    I'm interested in Intarsia, puzzles, Bowls, and fretwork.
    My guess is the 57-2 will barely manage to cut stock for bowls, as long as the patterns are spiral and do not require an entrance hole (due to the pin blade).
    Vibration and accuracy will probably be a problem because of the light weight construction of the saw.

    I can probably practice sawing softwoods as long as the radii are not too small. I'm assuming there are not many choices in the 3" blade market for tooth patterns.

    Is my assessment valid? Am I better off just waiting and purchasing a proper saw (Excaliber or Eclipse) when I can?

    Thanks in advance for the advice.

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    Welcome to the site and the world of scroll sawing. While you can use the old saw you have for some work it will really limit you.
    - 3" blades are hard to find.
    - they are only available in limited sizes (teeth) and types (skip tooth, reverse tooth, etc)
    - when doing fret work you have to drill interior holes to thread the blade through. Using pin type blades will greatly limit the fret work you can do.

    Bottom line I think you need to upgrade. Don't be afraid to look at Craigslist or other classified ads. Scroll sawing is a love it or hate it. Sometime you cna get great deals on lightly used machines.
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      You can do intarsia with that saw since most of all your cuts will be outside cuts.
      But Scott is right you will be severely limited with blade selection.
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