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blade age???

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  • blade age???

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    It sounds like you need to adjust the set screw on the opposite side of the thumb screw. And don't forget to put some loctite on it.

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      Originally posted by evilbadger View Post

      It sounds like you need to adjust the set screw on the opposite side of the thumb screw. And don't forget to put some loctite on it.


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        I think he hit it on the head. Also check it for burs on the tip.
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          I have some odd size blades that are over 5 years old and work with no issues when I do need them. I agree it sound like an adjustment issue.
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            I don't know the details but at one time there was a issue with those blades as they heated them up on the top to mark the top end of the blade so you would put it in the saw correctly. Now they have a bend in the top end to mark the blade..Maybe Mike could shed some light on this..



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              I've got blades 10 years old and they still work fine. I think your first piece of advice is what is going on. I found the light I have next to my saw heated up the thumbscrew and released the loctite. I have since gotten a smaller bulb and used some fresh loctite(blue)
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                The blades had a little dent on top in the beginning and a little discoloring. However it was not done by heating the top. Now it is only a little marking.
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                  i did make it out to the shop, but only had enuff time to look at the saw…typical w/end thingy…found the screw ya’ll are talkin about…perhaps monday, if not sooner, i WILL make that adjustment and get back with ya’ll for the result


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                    great news, it WAS the screws on the opposite side of the thumb screw, thanx folks, i truly appreciate it….haven’t got the loc-tite yet, but will soon….shure wuz nice gettin back out into the shop today


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                      Check the counter at an auto parts store. Lots of times they will have a small pouch of loctite, just right for small jobs and not have to worry about a bigger & expensive bottle drying out.

                      Most of the time, they're about $1.50 to $2.
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