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  • blade holder question

    I have a Dewalt 788 20 in scroll saw. Having problems with the lower blade holder bending the blades and eventually breaking them. Only bends on the part of the blade that is inserted in the holder. Suggestions?

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    The side of the blade holder that doesn't have the thunbscrew, has a set screw. One reason for the blade to bend, within the blade holder, is that the set screw isn't screwed into the blade holder far enough. When you tighten the thumbscrew, you are pushing the blade against the empty hole of the set screw which bends the blade.

    Screw the set screw in far enough so that the blade is centered in the slot of the blade holder when the thumbscrew is tightened.

    Also, make sure that the end of the set screw and the end of the thumscrew are flat - no burrs or scratches. The end of the thumbscrew screw has a small cap on it that can bind and twist at the blade. Check to make sure it rotates within the thumbscrew.

    If your set screw doesn't stay in place when you adjust it, invest in some blue locktight. That will hold it in place but will break free when you adjust it.

    Rick Hutchinsons site has a lot of information about the D788, it is where I learned the most about maintenance for my saw -- Rick's Scrollsaw.

    Good luck

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      Thanks Tony I will check this out....


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