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Using a cross cut boxs on a table saw?

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  • Using a cross cut boxs on a table saw?

    I'm going to build a cross cut boxs, do any of you have picture's of what you do with one, like say dove tails? Thanks, Lance

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    What's a cross cut box?

    When I do anything on a table saw, I have to find my husband, make sure he's not busy, and get him to do what I need. LOL That is one tool in the shop that is a deal breaker for me - if I can't figure out how to do it w/out using the table saw, it doesn't get done.


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      I can't say I ever heard of anyone doing dovetails on a table saw. If you meant box joints, I've tried them. I made a jig from some plans I found on the web, but quickly abandoned the idea in favor of a commercial jig for the router. The home made jig worked OK for occasional use on smaller boxes, but I was embarking on a project where I would be repeatedly making boxes with 10" wide sides and my home made jig just wasn't up to the task.

      As for cross cut sleds, there are any number of good designs out there. A quick Google search should net you several sources for plans. I can't recommend a specific one, because I don't have one. I use a radial arm saw and compound miter saw for all my cross cuts. My table saw is pretty much for rip cuts only.
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        Is this what you are looking for?


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          Theresa,Bill and Ron
          I heard that's what husbands are for, Thats what my wife tell's me(LoL)
          Box Joints and Dove tails are the same. I saw the plans, That's what I'm going to build,
          What I'm looking for is pictures of what all you can do with a cross-cut box. Thanks,Lance


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            45 degree sled

            I just made a sled that holds box with side corner down in a 45 degree V. That lets me cut small slots in the mitered corner of boxes to set slim contrasting wood inserts.
            Here's couple pic's. I have not cut the inserts flush yet.
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              Yes, thats what I'm looking for. I bet that makes a strong boxs,Thanks Regis.
              Anymore pictures ? anyone? Thanks. Lance


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