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Bought an old RBI 220

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  • Bought an old RBI 220

    Hi scrollers,

    I have needed a second scrollsaw for awhile, as I live in 2 different places, and love to scroll wherever I go. I already have a Dewalt (for about 15 years), and love it...but it's expensive to buy another.

    Yesterday, I saw an old red RBI 220 at a yard sale for $150. We plugged it in, and it worked, so I bought it without thinking things thru.
    I got it home, and cleaned it up, plugged it in, and started to cut. It can't sit flat on my workbence, as the motor sticks out below the big red I set it up on 2 pieces of 4x4. It vibrated a bit because of this setup, but clamping it down helped solve some of that. It cut pretty good with a new blade, so I'm happy about that.
    It came with 4 legs, but I haven't attached them yet.

    What I don't like is:
    No air blower to clear away dust
    No variable speed
    It's very difficult/time consuming to change blades
    He didn't have the manual.

    So, now I'm having buyer's remorse.
    Are there any ways to modify the machine to overcome some of these problems? Or should I sell it?


    we don't stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.

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    An aquarium pump will take care of the air blowing. There may be a way to change the blade clamp system as I've seen a post somewhere for that. Mind drew a blank as to where.


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      Check Poszgai's Designs web site, or call him. He has some modifications that may work, including air blowers. Bushton Mfg is now handling the Hawk and may be able to steer you to a manual and lower blade holders.
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        Try this link:

        "Ever Striving, Never Arriving"


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          Thanks for the replies.
          I'm going to get an aquarium pump.
          I downloaded the manual, but those models are different than mine. I have a basic #220...there is no mention of Hawk.
          I looked at Poszgai's Designs web site, and those modifications are for the newer models.

          I will look into getting a speed control, and maybe some more bottom blade holders, so that I can have them loaded with different blades. That way, I can just change holders instead of blades.
          The saw does cut well, but I'm still a bit concerned about throwing good money after bad.

          Thanks again,

          we don't stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.


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            look at Buston Mfg in KansasI think they make a retro fit to make it varaiable speed with up dated chucks. I know they were considering it but nothing about the cost.


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