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  • delta p-20 scrollsaw

    Hello all first time post maybe someone can help have a delta p-20 40-680 scrollsaw for some reason upper arm wont go up and lock in place anymore as in the case like when you break a blade its suppose to catch has anyone had this problem? any help would be appreciated

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    Part # 56 is the arm that actually locks the arm up.
    Rick Hutcheson


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      rawcut, I have a large rubber band running from the upper arm lock lever over to the lockdown handle for the hold down foot rod.(Which I removed) That way the upper arm does not get locked up when a blade breaks. The upper arm on my saw stays up on it's own without the arm lock. This is about as clear as mud. I top feed and whenever I open the bottom blade clamp to change holes I just push the arm and blade up and then down for the blade to go into the next hole I want to cut.
      Mick, - Delta P-20

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