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  • RBI Hawk Scroll Saw

    I am new to scroll sawing and I am considering buying a used RBI Hawk 220 for $375. Does anyone know if that is a good price and/saw and if that saw is worth purchasing? Also what kind of things should I watch out for when checking this saw out? Also would I just be better off purchasing a new Dewalt or Delta?
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    The price seems a bit high but not unreasonable. I just looked on Seattle Craigslist and there is a DeWalt for $250, some 220 Hawks for $800 and less, and a 226 Hawk for $400. That seller says he is moving up to an EX 30. I got a Hawk 220VS for $150 in San Diego last December. Ther is a Hegner Multi-Max 2 near Portland for $300.

    Prices are all over the map from what I can see. It is a decent saw, and is a bottom feeder only.
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      RBI Hawk

      If the 220 is the older unit with the round blade holders and the AC VS drive I be cautious and I agree with Terry on the price. If you find a 226 Ultra with DC VS drive I think you would be more satisfied, assuming you stay with a Hawk.
      I have the 226 and love it.

      I agree completely with your post.

      JIM L


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        I have to agree with Jim, I have the G4, which I love,
        RBI G4 26 Hawk, EX 16 with Pegas clamps, Nova 1624 DVR XP
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          I have no preference either way to this saw. Since I don't have clue what I am doing.... I would be willing to go with the recommendations of the experts (i.e. all of you) as far as to what you think I should buy.
          I have seen postings about the Excalibur, Hegner, RBI, Dewalt and Delta saws but this is the first one of those type that I have seen on for sale in my area (Houston). Sounds like I don't need to break my neck trying to go get this one.


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