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    I picked up a new Ryobi 13" planner AP1301. I got a heck of a deal on this still boxed ( well was boxed LOL ) planner. Not really the one I had been saving for but the price I couldn't refuse.

    Anyone own one of these and have any comments good or bad for this model? Just wondering if my $6 planner was worth it.


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    6 Bucks? Quick---- call the police------ he is a thief....LOL Great find!
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      You can't buy blades for it for 6 bucks. Give me a break, if I want to feel bad I can try and talk to my wife.

      Ya done great!!!!!!!!!
      May the wind at you back .....
      Not be from Lunch.

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        I have one and use it often. Had it for 3 years without a problem. I need to buy new blades, but just been putting it off. Home Depot has the blades that fit mine for $30, but just been too lazy to get them.



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          Thanks for all the replies, yea I really had been wanting the dewalt one but man I just couldn't pass up the deal on this one.
          It seems as though most of the reviews on them are good so I guess I did ok on the deal. Now I need to see about getting a stand for it. Might just have to make one, bet I will have more money into the stand than the planner, LOL



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            For $6 I think you stole it. Congrats on the new toy.

            In God we trust, all others must pay cash!

            I don't want no bargains, they always cost me more money.


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              You might check Sears for a stand. They have one that's pretty adjustable for about $39. I've got one under my drill press and another for my router table. They work fine. BTW, I'll give you $12 for the planner if you want to double your

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                Thanks for the heads up on the stands..I think I could use at least 3 of those, LOL

                Double my money huh hmmm.. nah LOL


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