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EX-16 vs EX21

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  • EX-16 vs EX21

    I really want to upgrade my saw. I currently have a Craftsman 18 in. I was looking at Dewalt, but after all of the bad feedback on this saw, I started looking at the Excalibur. I really can't afford an EX-21. Would the EX-16 be a reasonable alternative. I have never cut anything very large, so I don't think the 16" capacity will be a problem.

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    Apart from the 5", the only other difference I know of is that the EX-16 does not have the holes in the side for putting 12 blade holder tubes on board (6 per side)

    If it was available in the UK then it would be the one I would buy.

    EDIT.. Just made a phone call and been told that some are in a container on their way across the sea

    Bad news is that they are not that much cheaper than the 21, however the 21 isn't that much cheaper than the 30.. lol

    So as soon as they arrive then I'll be ordering one.
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      I agree if the throat capacity is not an issue I'd go for it. I have heard from someone else the table is considerably smaller as well. You might call ray and ask him the specs.
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        Just a thought ! What would be wrong with enlarging the table to a size that you would be comfortable with--- Not a permanent one, but, a layered one.?


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          Just a thought !
          Cos the distance between the blade and the arm would still be the same.. ?

          However .. in the rare event that the throat size was a problem then the layered table and the blade could be twisted at 90 degrees and then cut standing at the side of the table.


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            If you are replacing an 18" Craftsman then an EX-16 would be smaller although a much better saw. I have the EX-21 and love it. If you can wait, I would save up for the 21" and I promise you will not regret it. Good things come to those who wait.
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              The Craftsman is driving me nuts. I just want to make sure that the 16 and the 21 are basically the same saw, mechanically. I tend to work on small items and i think that 16" would be fine. I don't think I can wait until I can afford a 21. I can't get a decent stack cut on the Craftsman because the blades slip and the vertical movement is way off. Not out of square, but the front to back motion.


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                The 16 and 21 are virtually the same machine. Same motor specs.
                "Still Montana Mike"

                "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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                  I purchased an EX 16" last December, I upgraded from a Craftsman. I didn't have the money for a 21" either, I would again purchase the 16". Love it, only once did I wish I had a 21" although if I had the money that is the purchase I would have made. My EX 16" has been great, smooth and quiet. Trouble free, I haven't found a problem with the table size. Go for it. As Mike states the 16" and 21" are the same except for the throat size.
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                    As for the table size difference, I don't think I would worry about that either. The table on my Hegner is considerably smaller than the one on the Ex-21 and I never notice it while cutting.

                    As far as arm length, to me at least, it doesn't matter. Almost everything I cut, I could have cut on a 16"

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                      Thanks so much everyone! I am looking forward to the upgrade.


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                        I totally agree. Some of my biggest projects were able to be completed on a 16 inch saw.
                        For the difference in price I would opt for the 16 inch. The difference in $ would save enough money to buy quite a few blades, wood, and some nice patterns.
                        Hank, in Georgia - Dewalt 788 Scroller.


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                          max speed for the EX-16 is 1400 strokes per minute. The Ex-21 has a max speed of slightly more at 1550 strokes per minute.



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                            I too have the EX-16. I would recommend it. I do enjoy using the saw and have had no problems. The table is good size and haven't had any issues with the smaller size. There are some screws holding the table to the saw. I would suspect you could replace the table with something else if you needed the larger space.

                            One of the things I like the best about my scroll saw is it has almost no vibration. When I cut puzzle pieces I can leave them on the saw table and never have them vibrate off.

                            Just my two cents worth.


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