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    what is a good entry level saw to get? ive been reading the what saw do you have post and still unsure what to get. ive been looking at the craftsman and skill ones around the $100ish range. im just worried because a while back i wanted a bandsaw and got the $100 craftsman and hated it (mostly because i wanted it to do more than it was capable of doing).

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    Just a little over a year ago I purchased the saw that Lowes is selling. It is a Portor Cable brand that has been sold as other brands during the last few years.
    It was a great saw to start on for me.
    I now have a used Hawk that I find to be a much better saw but cost, used, around 400 bucks. That is over twice the cost of the Lowes saw.
    My 5 cents worth.
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      My experience with power tools has taught me if it has the Craftsman name on it don't buy it. Try and find a copy of the magazine issue 40 they had a good run down of saws in every price range. I upgraded from my Craftsman to the Dewalt 788 and there is no comparison between the two.

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        Save youself the pain. Ex 30 or the Eclipse
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