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  • Seizing Saw?

    My Mastercraft Maximum scroll saw, which has always had a bit more vibration than I would like (better saws are simply not in the budget), suddenly seemed to seize up tonight. It's only six months old, and is used about 6 hours a week. It was making what I can best describe as a "knocking" noise on tighter turns. It is set at about 1200 strokes per minute, and I was cutting 1/2 inch oak at the time. Bushing are fine, and I've put oil on the bearings, and will wait to see if that helps. Any other suggestions out there? Help! I can't afford another saw right now!

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    My fingers are crossed for you. It doesn't sound good however. Where are you from and where did you buy your saw? Good Luck.


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      I live in QUispamsis, New Brunswick Canada (a suburb of Saint John), and the saw was bought at Canadian Tire. There is very little selection beyond the basic, intro. level saws that can't cut straight, and are made of mostly plastic parts. *Sigh!*


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        At six months old I'd check to see what kind of manufacturers warranty it has before trying too many things to "fix" it. If it is still under warranty I'd take it back and let them replace it.
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          This is what the CTC Web Site states. "This product carries a special warranty. Please see your local Canadian Tire store for details." Take it back to the store and they will likely replce it.



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