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  • New Zealand buyers beware

    Due to the lack of importation of top quality scroll saws into New Zealand you really need to import your own to get one. If you are importing from north america you will need to get a transformer to cut down your voltage from 240 volts to 120 volts. If you do not do this you can damage your machine and you will automatically negate any warrenty.
    I imported a DeWalt, FORTUNATELY for me they have a built in fuse which is a great feature and meant I did no damage to the machine when I plugged it in. Since then I have got a transformer and am enjoying the hugh difference in performance from this machine compared to my old one.

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    No retailer appears to be importing the De Walt into NZ but Carbatec have the Excalibur with the correct electrical set up; and also the middle of the road Triton


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      How in the hell did you manage to plug it in ???????

      I also imported a Dewalt from the US a number of years ago and purchased a transformer locally. Runs like a top.
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        Beware Carbatec seems to have pretty poor customer service.
        Keith Fenton
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          And I thought we had problems getting items here in the Islands....


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