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    My cousin's husband passed away and I brought all of his woodworking stuff.

    I don't know if this tool is for woodworking or not. He worked in a factory that made truck bodies, ie UPS trucks. So this maybe something he brought home. He had four of these tools.

    The middle "handle" moves side to side but doesn't change the opening any. The end that doesn't have a bolt in it is treaded for a bolt.

    You can see in the picture the opening doesn't change much.

    Any ideas? Thanks
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    my guess adjustable clamping device

    I have some similar without center handle ,close ,adjust bolt ,or bolts snug lock nuts .or nut to touch ,open add additional lenght to create desired clamp force
    close to test ,readjust till desired force is reached lock adj.nut ,works well for
    many used very strong ,for size adjustable from opening when closed to micro by adding bolts to achieve wanted length .the longer the bolts makes it weaker
    and less accurate ,the come in many sizes great for sheet metal ,the smaller sizes ,with wood I always use pads ,to eliminate dents and marking ,But you get the idea ,sometimes they will work when nothing else will. I think they were designed for soldering ,brazing ,welding metal ,like so many things I have they get used for many thing others than what they were designed for . I just have
    to stay with in their strength limits ,from touch to pressure clamp does not take much extra length ,go easy they will break ,if you try to force too much pressure
    small contact area creates alot of pressure in a very small area ,multy clamps are used normally !
    Hope that helps!
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      Thanks Carl for your answer. I was thinking they maybe came form his work. He did sheet metal work on the truck bodys. Just can't come up with a purpose for the middle handle it doesn't do anything that I can tell, or well. I may find a use for them someday in my scroll work. Thanks


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        I am thinking that when the handles are closed and gripping something, the middle handle would be a release mechanisn, similar to a pair of vise grips.



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          You're all right. It's made by a company called De-Sta-Co and yes, they're mainly for metalworking. They also, make those toggle clamps with the red vinyl handles, sold in various woodworking supply catalogs. Their one of many uses is for building taper jigs for the table saw.



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            Dave your are right on with the name, it is stamped on the handle.

            The middle "arm" just moves from side to side and doesn't lock or unlock a thing. You can see in the picture it is attached like a bike chain. Must have some kind of use but I sure can't see any lol. thanks


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              I just had a thought the middle handle may to hold it in position while clamp it,for more accuracy ,while your adjusting at a specific spot ,Humm maybe just a guess ,try it to see if it works!
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                Is't that what is called a "Whosacallit"?

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                  My father was a sheet metal worker and had several of those clamps. The centre handle unlocks the clamp by pushing on those "bumps" on the outside handles. When clamped the handles should be touching or at least very close.


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