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    My DW788 quit running about 2 months ago. Thought I'd be happy if I replaced it with a used Hegner Multimax 18V. Invested $400 in the used Hegner, over $300 more in upgrades and new parts, and still had a poorly performing saw. Decided to take the DW788 to the Dewalt Service Center in Charlotte, NC. Picked up my saw today, an old type 1 which I bought used, and sawed with it for four years. What Dewalt did was to jack up the table and drive a brand new DW788 type 1 saw under it! Total cost $210.99!!! It also has a 1 year warrantee. The advertised price for the total reconditioning is $259.99 on the Dewalt website. Needless to say, I am extremely happy and very pleased with my reconditioned saw. It ran as expected, without even a knock. Spent the last few hours happily sawing. KUDOS to the Dewalt Service Team--I am very greatful! And, no, I don't know how they happen to have a new DW788, but they assured me it was a TYPE 1.
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    Bruce I am VERY glad to hear you are back in business.
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