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Record planer thicknesser.

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  • Record planer thicknesser.

    Any Brits outhere own a Record 260 planer thicknesser.
    Although I have had issues with my Record bandsaw, I really like the look of the
    260P/T, but don't know anything for or against it,apart from the salesmans patter.

    Has anyone had any experiece with this machine, or recommend any other good brand.


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    I'm not familiar with this planer . One thing I would ask is in regards to snipping . Perhaps you could get a demo and see if the board is snipped @ the beginning and end of the cut . There may be a lock to prevent snipe .

    The other thing I would ask about is blade changing and if the blades are self adjusting .



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      Thanks Roger.

      I have gathered quite a bit of info on this machine, The blades are not the disposable ones and are reversable. My main consideration is space it is very limited ,this tool would be ideal in this respect because it comes with a wheel base
      which will be handy to move into a corner when not in use. One thing that is putting me off is the fence, a few people have comlained about not been able to keep it at a 90 degree angle, which seems very odd to me surely not been able to keep things square defeats the object. I don't know about sniping, maybe i will have to try and get a demo as you suggest.

      Many thanks


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