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    I just realized that my saw table is not square front to back. Left to right seems to be fine but is there anyway to make an adjustment going the other direction? When I attempt to score between letters for a name key chain, it cuts into the top sooner than the bottom.

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    That might not be a problem with the table Mike. Most scroll saws don't provide a true straight up and down cut. It's just more noticable on some saws more than others. The thicker the wood the more noticable it becomes.
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      I was reading just the other day about levaling a table. front to back, NO. but this is what they did. they , took a piece of plexie glass. cut it to the tabale size. put some sticky tabs or what ever. built up doubale sided tape, or what ever you could find, to do the job. and put them between the plexie and the main table. to do the leveling. I believe it was in my Diana Thompsons wooden Chess Sets book. this made a smooth and flat serfus. then always use your squer to line up the blade. hope this helps. Evie

      edit, also forgot to mention. the tabale might be level to the blade. but not to the floor. just a small levale or straight piece of barr. will tell you if the table is flat. you can see the spaces easy that way. thats what you would wont to fill with something.
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        My Delta SS350 has about a 1/8 " movement front to back as the blade goes up and down. That motion results in faster cutting but, it becomes a problem when cutting delicate stacked items or 3d stuff. That is why I bought the RBI G4 I can adjust that motion to almost nothing. The Eclipse is probably the only modern saw that is truly vertical.
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