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  • Hegner Help me Price $ please

    I need some help pricing a Hegner saw I am listing it on eBay for $575.00 free shipping and anything under $100.00 will be refunded for shipping, and have it listed on craigslist for $400 I want to sell it but not give it away. It does not have the quick release that the newer models have and the bottom of the bellows have stretched and has separated but can be rectified with a large hose clamp or buying a new bellow(cosmetically it is in B++ -A shape) and cuts flawlessly .
    Help me ask a fair price, I need to sell because I bought it for $500 + shipping on eBay and later found one on craigslist for $600 that included the stand that I purchased.

    Thanks for any replies...

    Harrison Arkansas

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    I paid $600 for one like the one you are offering, (1986 model) just this past year.
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      I bought a Mutimax 18V with the stand, mfg. in 1992. Found it on Craig's List, and 10 hour round trip drive to get it. Since then, I have spent over $300 to upgrade it, and replace the connector. It now sits in a corner, a monument to the worst tool investment I ever made. It breaks the blade in the bottom holder after 5 minutes of sawing, guaranteed. 4 phone conversations with Jean @ Hegner, and the situation remains the same. Emailed Jean asking specifically for a way to identify spacers other than #56, 57 and 60, as the information they gave me does not coincide with the size of the spacers--Jean wrote back--call us. I hope you get what you are asking, but if I'd just bought a BRAND NEW Excaliber, I would have about the same money invested in something that cuts reliably. Meanwhile, I sit here anxiously awaiting the phone call from Dewalt informing that my DW788 has been rebuilt and is ready to pick up. Good luck. <vent-vent-vent>
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