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New DW788 vs old CW40

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  • New DW788 vs old CW40

    So my new DW788 is out for delivery today.Wore out my Hitachi CW40 had it for about 2 yrs. cutting alot of 4/4 hardwood for intarsia. I worked around all the little problems with it. But it was a good saw and serverd me well for my first.

    What differences should I expect to see when I start using the yellow saw? anyone else upgraded form a CW 40 to a DW788? what am i going to love and what am I going to have to get used too?

    Any advise for setting up the new one out of the box?

    I am really looking forward to getting back in the garage after the Hottest Summer ever recorderd in the US! Yes that is true in the US ever recorded! And having a new saw! Wow my wife will probably forget my name befoore fall is over!
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    Never used a Hitachi before, so I can't comment specifically on a direct comparison between the two, but a couple accessories I highly recommend for the Dewalt are a footswitch and a lift kit (Google Jim Dandy Lift Kit to see what I mean). There are multiple sources for each of these items available, so feel free to price shop.

    As for features and set-up on the Dewalt, clean the table with mineral spirits to remove the shipping gunk they put on it. When you think it's clean, go over it lightly again with a little MS and use a scotch-brite pad or steel wool to make the surface as smooth as possible. Then apply a coat of furniture paste wax (whatever brand you wish, no silicone). This will make the table nice & smooth. This will need repeated occasionally, as needed.

    Make sure the table is square to the blade, side to side. Some Dewalts have a problem with blades not cutting square front to back. TO check this, make a very shallow cut in the edge of a piece of scrap, at least 3/4" thick (thicker is better). Note if the top of the cut and the bottom of the cut are the same depth into the wood. If there is a significant difference, I would suggest exchanging the saw for a new one as this problem will give you fits in certain types of projects. There is no real adjustment to make on a new saw to correct this problem. There are a number of threads in the archives of this forum describing this problem, so if you want more info, I recommend searching for some of them.

    Features you will love on the Dewalt;

    all the controls are right up front, in easy reach

    the top arm lifts up to make threading for inside cuts much easier (this is where the easy lift accessory really adds to the usability of the saw)

    blade clamps are simple and easy to use

    factory stand allows you to tilt the saw a few degrees forward from level, which is more ergonomically friendly, especially when scrolling for long periods

    That should get you on your way. Good luck and have fun making sawdust!
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      Having had the CW40 as my 1st decent saw then getting the 788 there was a world of difference in vibration. I could not put a nickle on edge on the CW40's table at about 1/2 speed.... I could with the 788. Having the top arm move up is a major plus, not having any dust collection is a weak point in my estimation, Having the controls up front is great. Having the ability to easily set the tension is great. Suggest you get a foot pedal if you have not all ready done so. You will need to create some form of zero clearance for the small intarsia pieces as there is a key hole in the table for the blade. All in all it will be a major step up for you.

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        The foot pedal is a good idea, the on/off switch is located on the top in front, and the dust seems to get in there, and in some cases (like mine) the switch stops working. I found that taping up the switch and adding the foot pedal works great.
        Good luck with your "Big Yeller", and have fun. I love mine.


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          The thing that was most annoying on those saws was the bottom clamp, even with the dust guard off.. I think the biggest positive changes you will see is in the Blade changes and the Top feeding. For me, that alone would be worth the price.

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            Got it set up and started cutting right where I left off and ...Yup I love it already! If I would have known what i know now
            Wow didn't realize how....
            How small the table was
            how loud it was
            how much it vibrated
            how low to the ground
            How the insert bugged me with it's flex
            I was so used to the bottom blade change on the left I switched the bottom on the Dewalt.
            I never minded the blade changes on the CW as I used a 3mm T handle which I found on this forum, worked like a charm.

            And to top it off we got a cool front today should be set to cut and make a lot sawdust!

            Bet I can't sleep tonight!
            Life's funny if you laugh at it!



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