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Dewalt 788 stopped working

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  • Dewalt 788 stopped working

    Hi, All

    My 788 (type 2) wouldn't turn on the other day. It had been working fine, and I had just been using it, but when I flipped the switch, nothing happened. I sprayed canned air into the arm to no avail. I came back later, and it fired up without issue. I shrugged it off.

    Today it won't start, either. I flip the switch and nothing happens. No hum or anything. I checked the fuse, and it looks to be fine. I didn't check the brushes (like the manual talks about). Does anyone ever do that?

    Any ideas?


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    It is probably your on off switch. You need to clean it out and then get a footswitch turn on the saws switch and tape over the regular switch to keep dust out of it and not use the on off switch anymore. It is an ongoing problem with the 788.
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      Did you happen to check where it is plugged in? Like wall socket or extension cord .

      Might be a simple solution .


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        Dunk is right, it is the switch. the switch is easily repairable if you have the desire to. Most people use a foot switch and tape off the saw switch. I myself don't use a foot switch, so I keep my switch clean by periodically blowing compressed air into the switch. Also I keep a brush nearby to keep the area around the switch clean.
        Dan in So.Ca.


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          Pulled apart the switch and sprayed air in and around the thing to remove the obvious dust. Still nothing. Was getting ready to report no success but directed one last stream of air into the top of the switch itself, and the saw fired up.



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            That's just what I was going to say. Get a foot switch. You won't be sorry either, I like mine & it is much easier to operate the saw with your foot, than reaching up to turn it on or off. Try it, you'll like it !!!


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              Mine did the same thing. It's a common problem with the Dewalt. Once it got to the point is was so finicky that I was messing around more taking the cover off the switch and blowing it out than cutting, I broke down and bought a footswitch. No more problems and once you get used to a footswitch, you will wonder how you ever got along with out one. Flaky on/off switch or not, they are a great addition to any scrollsaw, IMHO.
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