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Delta Q3 Need some assistance please.

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  • Delta Q3 Need some assistance please.

    I just bought a Q3 Delta 40-650 (type 1 or 2 I'm not sure) from a government surplus auction. It looks like it is in fantastic condition...except it doesn't have the top tension piece, there is nothing there. I am in need of some suggestions. I want to get my $35 investment up and cutting wood while maintaining a student budget, any ideas?

    It seems they sell the individual pieces online at: I added it all up and the whole assembly total would be like $120. I only want to use this as a very last resort. Please help!

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    You are looking for the upper chuck assembly part # 1349994 which comes as a unit. Try a DeWalt repair store. They owned Delta for a long time and they may still be able to help you. If all else fails, call Delta factory directly. I don't have their number any more but they were in Tenn. I think they are in S. Carolina now. Good luck.

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      If it is the P/N abbove, this site has it for ~$52.00.
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        Thanks a lot! Is part # 1349994 synonymous with both type 1 or 2? I'm not sure which type I have.


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          If that doesn't work, try Rick.
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            Thanks! Rick had a very helpful post about the Q3. I'm liking this Q3 more and more, even though I haven't gotten a blade in it yet!


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