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Squaring Blade Holders

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  • Squaring Blade Holders

    I came up with a simple and easy way to square the ends of the blade holding screws on my DW788, after experiencing a lot of blade slippage and breakage awhile ago. I took a block of hardwood and made sure it was squared. It can be rectangular, just as long as the faces are all squared. The clamp screw on the DW788 is 7mm, so I drilled a 7mm hole in the block, also at a 90 deg. square angle, through the block. The screw should turn into the hole, as if its threaded, and the block thin enough on that plane to allow the screw to extend beyond the block face. Making sure the table on my disc sander was at 90 deg. square, I placed the block on the sanders table, which held the screw in a horizontal plane to the disc face, and then dressed the screw end. You could even use the miter square to further insure everything is squared while dressing. This worked better for me than free handing, and eliminated the blade breakage I was getting. This method should work for any blade clamp screw by drilling the hole the proper size for the screw. Also, on a new blade, I keep an emery board, or a small sanding block near the saw, and sand the ends of the blade to remove any residue from manufacturing to give the blade a better grip and prevent slippage. I hope this is clearer than mud!
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    Excellent tip! Thanks for sharing.
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      Thanks for the tip!
      Dan in So.Ca.


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