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  • Dust Cover for DW788

    I seen in General Scroll Saw forum asking about a dust cover for a Hegner scroll saw. That got me thinking about my Dewalt. Instead of hijacking that thread I thought I would ask here.

    With Irene coming through our State on Saturday. Had some water in the basement, couple of tornado warnings and no power loss. We made it through Irene just fine.

    I went out into my garage yesterday late to check if any water had gotten in. Some water blew in the garage door. My saw way in the back away from the garage door but I noticed some dampness in that area. I believe though that the water was coming up around the perimeter of the floor.

    Even though water did not come from a leaky roof. I would like to cover my Dewalt. What would be best to use for a cover? Something purchased or something homemade?

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    Dewalt 788 Type 1

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    How about an old BBQ cover ? Lots of those being thrown away I bet .

    Could use the BBQ to mount a tool on to move around also .



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      Thanks for the idea Roger. I never even gave one of those a thought.

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        Before you put a cover on your saw, wax the table with a good wax like Johnson's past wax. This will help prevent rust that may occur from condensation. Make sure you don't use automotive wax that contains silicone as it can interfere with finishes.
        Dan in So.Ca.


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          Thanks for the reminder. That part is already taken care of. Once I was cleaned out the garage and able to get my scroll saw. I gave the top a good cleaning (just used some steel wool). Wiped off any dust and waxed down the top with Johnson's Finishing wax. But I might put another coat on once I get the cover.

          Thank again for the reminder.

          Dewalt 788 Type 1


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