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Delta 40-601 18" Scroll Saw ?

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  • Delta 40-601 18" Scroll Saw ?

    Hi all.
    I am a new member and I jsut bought a Delta 40-601 scroll saw from a school surplus sale. It came on a heavy stand and I pluged it in and it runs but thier is no blade in it. The light does ot work but may just be a bulb. I don't see a switch for light. I don't have a picture of itt yet but wanted to know if that saw could be used for not only woood but also metal? I don't have amanual and am a firm beliver in proper maintance. What type of oiling or maintenance is required for that saw. Is thier places that need lubricating before it is operated? What size blades does it take. Does anyone know when tht saw was made. The serial number is 85053378. I checked with OWWM site and it is toocurrent for thier records. I think they only go to 1982.
    Any information I would appreciate, My name is Jerry Deen and I am a woodworker and tool enthusiest.

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    Jerry, welcome to the forum. Don't know a lot about that Delta model. Don't run it without a blade installed and tension on the blade. Will take a 5" blade. Couple places you could check for a manual and parts. Tool Parts Direct . com - The Online Tool Repair Parts Store and Repair Parts for All Major Brands - DIY Repair |
    You may also check with Rick at, Rick's Scrollsaw Rick has a collection of older saws and may be able to give you some info on it. Good luck.
    Mick, - Delta P-20

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      Thanks Mick

      That was very helpful and it got me directly to teh parts list for my model and I learned that is is not a type 1 or 2 but an early version prior to 1992. According to the Ser number I think it was made in 85. I downloaded the parts list and found Ricks sight last night which wa also very informative too. I will go back thier but not tonight. .
      What was really helpful was the tip not to run it with out a BLade. I jsut barely ran it when I got it to dtermine if the motor ran. I did not run it but an istant. I won't do it agoain till I get a blade. What I was reading in Ricks colums last night he was familir with this model and advised it was a good one. I have a lto to learn but I have the time to g et it done but may have to wait till it gets cooler before i get into restoring and replacing bearings itc.
      thanks Again Jerry


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