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    Last weekend I attended a local woodworking expo at the local lumberyard. My wife surprised me and bought me the foredom professional power carving kit. I don't get new tools often. I'm pretty excited and happy that I can ditch the dremel. Can't wait to fire this up on my next intarsia...this opens the door to even more possibilities.
    I also noticed that it comes with several different grits of super tiny flap sanders that can reach down into the smallest grooves you can that's gotta be handy.
    Jeff Powell

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    Congratulations on the new toy - oops! - tool. What a peach of a wife you have.
    You may want to wait a while before actually ditching the Dremel. I'm not sure which Foredom you got, but sometimes the Dremel is just the right size. I'd advise keeping it tucked away for just such a time.
    Also, on those little flap sanders - check them out on scrap first - the ones I have take a lot of "breaking in" to be very useful - and even then they sometimes leave nasty grooves where the flapper ends - on the side, I guess that would be. Much sanding and a few very blue cuss words can usually fix it, but be aware, OK?
    I've been experimenting with a bunch of little (maybe 2"x2", or 5cm x 5cm) pieces of denim - just roughly cut and mounted on that little mandrel with the screw on the end. Dressed with a tiny bit of some compound (still experimenting with which is best), it makes a pretty good tool for getting into crevices, and the edges haven't gouged anything (yet).
    Have fun, and hug that terrific wife!


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      Congratulations on the new tool! And recieving it as a gift just makes it even sweeter. Have fun, and I look forward to seeing what all you do with it.

      DeWalt 788

      aut viam inveniam aut faciam

      God gives us only what we can handle.. Apparently God thinks I am one tough cookie.....


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        you all know the scrubbing pads made by 3M.. they work good to get some smooting done.

        take one and cut it in a circle or what ever shape you want to. Then place a bolt with a nut thru the center then hook into your drill.

        I wood carve and sometimes you have what we call Fuzzies in places that are hard to get to. the scrubbing pads work great.

        dale in south mo


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          I actually prefer the Scotchbrite pads to the 3M pads...they seem to hold up better for me...but I use mine in a micro-motor, so it might be the speed-issue!



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            thanx guys..those are some interesting idea's that I haven't heard before.
            Jeff Powell


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