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    Well, I went ahead and bought a DW788, hoping that I'd get a "good" one. Looks like that might have been a mistake. Don't like the idea of fixing a new $460 tool, but I'd rather do that then send it back to Amazon. So....

    I set it on the bench and right away I could see that it didn't sit level. The bench top is level, but when I square the blade to the table, the table is WAY off. I had to use a 1/4" shim under the right front, and 1/16" under the back to get it level. Also, looks like the blade moves side to side slightly at the table suface when it's running. The top arms seem OK, but the bottom arms are sloppy side to side.
    Also, the upright in the back and the top arm move easily side to side, like it wasn't tightened up correctly. I'm heading down to the shop now to pull the shims and take a closer look at things and see what I can see.Any suggestions?

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    Take or ship it back and get a new one. Don't start making adjustments and void your warranty.
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      I'm with Mike -- Check to see if you have a DeWalt service center somewhere close and take it in. They will fix it or give you a new one. IMHO, that is much better than trying to live with or fix something that is not right.
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        Yeah, that's what I was going to do, but caused myself a problem. I found that the lower short arms (I forget what they're called) were cast wrong. They both bend out to the right, so the blade tilts instead of running straight up and down. When I shimmed the saw, I was just twisting the frame to align the top and bottom blade clamps. I pushed on the arms and the lower (larger) one snapped off. Didn't push that hard, either. Really kind of a cheap die cast part. So, rather than risk having my return refused and the resulting hassel, I called the DeWalt factory service center, told Dan my story, and he's sending both arms free. Nice of him to do that.
        Hopefully that'll solve the problem. Thanks for the advice.


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          Defintely send it back! I have a type 1. No problems for several years when it started blowing the fuse. Thinking I can fix anything, by ruling out everything but the circuit board and motor, I spent about $80 for a new one. That wasn't the problem. Believe now it may be the motor @ $208. So, 80 + 208 =$288, plus tax. The DW Service Center will rebuild my saw for a flat $249, regardless of what is defective. Send it back and let them straighten it out--it's the least expensive route.
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            I bought one this month on Amazon also. It ran for about an hour then started seriously knocking and vibrating above speed 4 (could not cut and it was bolted to a bench). Sent it back to Amazon on Monday, had a new replacement on Thursday. Amazon paid all shipping charges also. New one seems ok so far. I did notice s/n of defective one started with 2011 11-xxxx, replacement was 2010 4-xxxx, not sure if this reflects a date of mfg. or not.
            good luck


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