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DeWalt 788 table alignment

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  • DeWalt 788 table alignment

    I wonder if anyone else has had this problem with the DeWalt 788 table. I'm brand new to scrolling, so I have no frame of reference. The problem is that when I assembled the saw, I discovered that the opening for the blade was badly off-center and could not be repositioned. I called DeWalt, and was told that the table probably was mis-drilled. So, they sent a new table. Same problem, so we just enlarged the holes for the bolts and moved the table over slightly. Now it's fine, but I'm wondering if I missed something. Otherwise, the saw seems to work just fine, except the hold-down is more trouble than it's worth. I'm curious about other people's experience with this saw. Any suggestions are more than welcome, since no one in the shop I belong to has any experience with scrolling. Thanks.


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    First off... Welcome to the best scrolling message board online! When you say way off center, is it so much that the blade wouldnt even work in it? I have heard of many that the hole is off some, and if I'm remembering, the hole was a bit to far to the right, as if that matters at all. The hole more then likely wasnt misdrilled like they told you , I havent seen a yella saw with a round blade hole yet, so it wasnt drilled, but either way, off is off, no matter how it was made. Check your table with a straight edge, and see how flat it is, thats another issue with the newest batches of yella saws.Im not quite sure how you fixed your problem, did you mean you adjusted the size of the mounting holes for the table? As long as once tightened it holds good, it should be fine. I have two yella saws, but both are what is known as type 1 saws, which were canada made, the newer ones are marked type 2 ,which was made overseas, on your motor it is indicated.On both of mine was a puzzling thing to me... after assembling the table to the saw, and trying to tilt the table, i was having major issues. I couldnt figger out for the life of me what was wrong, until I noticed a gob of what appeared to be cap tape (like for mounting truck caps on pickups) stuck in the area where the table pivots. Once I removed that, I had no trouble tilting, and I still dont know why that stuff was there (on both the saws). My tables arent perfectly flat on mine, but they are close enough to flat that I can cut an 8 high stack of 1/8th inch birch ply with no noticeable diffrence tween the top and bottom piece, so I dont worry about it. As for the holddown... That is the first thing removed from 95% of the saws in shops I bet. Instead of removing it though, take it out of the holder, and put it in the holder upside down, and tighten it there, it makes a nice place to hang the cord when you have to unplug the saw. Thats the best use I found for it. Enjoy your scrollsaw, and dont be discouraged, you did buy a great machine that should give you years of happy scrolling, and you have found a great place to gain information, and priceless friendships, welcome!! Dale
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      Hi Bunny,

      Welcome to the fine world of scrolling. I have no experience with the Dewalt but it is on my wish list. Many of the members here have one and just love it. I'm sure you will hear from them soon. However, I do know that hardly anyone leaves the hold down attached. I learned early on that it just gets in the way, and that is with any saw I understand. Good luck and make some sawdust. I'll be awaiting samples of your work.

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        Welcome handibunny!

        The Dewalt is a very popular saw here.

        I remember reading about the alignment on the forum before, try this link
        and this one

        If I can find any more info I will pass it on.

        Scrolling is a wonderful hobby, you are sure to have tons of fun.
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          Hi Handibunny,

          Welcome to the group.

          First thing I did was to get rid of both upper hold down and lower guard. They interfered more than they helped.

          Second thing: I added the easy-lift arm attachment a lighted magnifier and a foot switch. Then purchased good blades ( I sorta favor the Pégas, at this point)

          As to your alignment problem, check that the tightening screws (allen(S?) screw + knob) are centered in both blade holders.

          If you have a digital camera it would help if you posted a a picture of the problem as you see it.

          The DW788 is a good saw, and you should be able to enjoy scrolling a lot with it.


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            Welcome aboard Carole! I also am the proud owner of a DeWalt saw, Dale pretty much covered it regarding the table top, and I'm with Mike, get rid of your hold down. Visit back often and join in, and if you have pictures of your work we all would love to see them! So go have some fun and make some sawdust!

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              Whatever was the resolution of the Dewalt table flatness issue?
              I think it was superman who was dealing with it.
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                i dont know rolf! I wondered that same thing. He vanished and never has been back here! Dale
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                  I too was wondering what happened to Superman and what became of his problems he was trying to work out with his correspondence to DeWalt.
                  I believe this is one of his topics in question from 05 / 03 / 2006


                  but he has not posted anything here since early May.
                  I hope he got things all straightened out.
                  Perhaps he will see this and respond.

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                    Hi Bunny
                    As the others have said, welcome to our form. Come often and have fun. I too have the DW788. I really like it alot. I also removed my holddown guard. Besides that is what God made hands for *L*. Again have fun in the world of scrolling, you will get hooked I,am sure.


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                      Thanks for the suggestions

                      Thanks to everyone who responded to the post. DeWalt sent me a new table, which was just as bad as the old table. (First, they sent me a new set of legs. Legs...table?) So, since it didn't seem like such a big deal, we enlarged the holes that the table bolts into and shifted it over a bit. Table seems flat and blade holders seem correctly spaced. So, I'll send a little love note to DeWalt, but for the time being, everything seems OK. Thanks again.

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                        Welcome to the group handibunny I have a DW 788 as well and it changed my life !
                        Glad you got your problem solved and can make some sawdust now
                        ...ya got a good saw !
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                          Thank you for following up on this, and let us know of the future developments. I'm glad your table is flat, and your just about ready to get that big yella all dusty!!! Have fun, and give us a peek at your work. Dale
                          Dale w/ yella saws


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                            Re DeWalt 788 table alignment

                            Hi Carol
                            My table did appear to be a little off but it was not a problem. As to the hold down, I stopped using it a long time ago. It caused me a lot of frustration. However I do recommend a healthy respect for your saw. I'm a cautious person when it comes to any power saw. Always know where your blade is in relation to your fingers and any other part of your anatomy.
                            Happy Scrolling
                            Linda E. aka Stickers


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