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  • Blades keep snapping

    Hi, New guy, lots of questions! I am using a Delta 40 scroll saw with 46 tpi spiral blades at at full speed on masonite, cutting out photgraphs for stand up statues. My blades keep snapping,help!!

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    Re: Blades keep snapping

    My best guesses are:
    1. Too much feed pressure. Try slowing down a bit.
    2. Too much blade tension. Reduce the tension setting a little.

    I've used the spiral blades very little, so don't know if they happen to be prone to breaking or not. Given the blade design, it could be something your just going to have to live with if the two steps above don't work.

    Anybody got any more info????


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      Re: Blades keep snapping

      I had a lot of trouble with blades snapping until I finally took the time to actually WATCH waht I was doing when they snapped. I found that I was deflecting the blade to one side or the other while feeding the stock into it. This flexed the blade on two axes at the same time, and that seemed to promote the breakage.

      Since I started being more careful about deflecting to the sides, the breakage has decreased dramatically, even in heavy 2' thick stock.

      Those spiral blades would tend to encourage applying these side-thrust cuts, so my recommendation would be to make sure you only apply pressure in one direction at a time, even though you can make the cuts in any direction.

      I don't have a new scroll saw, and am using an OLD Boise-Crane 30' jigsaw, so the problems may not be the same, but that's my 2 cents worth.



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        Re: Blades keep snapping

        I agree with Ed and Al. Slow down and let the blade do the work. I also invested in some Temberwolf fr # 3 and #5 blades and slowed down on my handling of the wood and not feeding it so fast. But I would say the best investment was the Timberwolf Bades.



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          Re: Blades keep snapping


          You mentioned blade there any way to correctly set the blade tension, or is sort of trial and error?

          I seem to have a problem with cutting thicker pieces on the bandsaw. The blade wanders all over the place and I'm constantly twisting the piece to compensate. I've also snapped a few blades. Any suggestions?


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            Re: Blades keep snapping

            Yup, on the bandsaw, make sure the guides are properly alligned and snug on the blade, just up to or a hair behind the gullett.

            Here again, a good, high quality blade (read that TIMBER WOLFE) will limit the amount of blade wander, however, for thick work, especially, make sure the blade tension is on the high end for that particular blade width.

            Here's what I've found......take it for what it's worth, cuz it's only my idea, and may not hold water, but it worked for me.
            I put one of my wandering blades under a good magnifier and noticed that the set on the side of the wheels, was a few thousandths less than the outside of the blade. This made the cut drift toward the more aggressive side of the blade. I bought a small saw set and re-set the teeth on the tire side, and that stopped the drift. that said, setting all those teeth is a pain in the keester, but it proved my point. most bandsaws recomend loosening the tension when not using the saw. I also do this (most of the time) and it seems to help.

            Trouble with that is I sometimes forget I let the tension off and the blade comes off the next time I start the saw. Need to get a mamory jogger. Maybe a red flag at the upper guide.

            Hope this helps.



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              Re: Blades keep snapping

              About the only thing I have to add about blade tension is to read the manual for your particular saw. On my old saw, they recommended tightening it until it sounded a 'C' note when plucked. If your half deaf like me that don't work too well. On my current saw, an RBI, setting the tension is very simple. You just dial it in like a clock and go. How the Delta works I have no idea, but should be in the manual someplace.


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                Re: Blades keep snapping

                John I have been making the same thing for about two years and have not had any problems. I use an olsen blade and a Dewalt saw. email me if you have any more question.
                Mick Kavanaugh


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                  Re: Blades keep snapping

                  I've found it's like the others are saying. trying to be to aggressive feeding the wood in always breaks my blades. I've sawed 2inch cherry SLOWLY and had no problem I use pinned blades and trying to 'turn' too quickly will heat the blade and snap it. Good Luck Mack


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