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    This is a cool vid. Bandsaw magic. [VIDEO] Dangerous operation of a bandsaw. but the project is cool.
    The fact that he is doing it freehand and as quick as he is doing it, shows he has done this project countless times.
    I know we do this on the scrollsaw all the time, but bandsaw blades are so less forgiving on fingers...ouch.
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    Hi Carl, where have you been?
    I saw that live a while back, one mess up and fingers could come off.

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      I agree Carl, the band saw is very unforgiving but at least that guy can still count to 10 without taking his shoes off. I sure don't have that kind of confidence when working with my band saw.

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        Very cool but the most dangerous thing I have ever seen. That would have taken me all day long with push sticks. He makes very tight turns with what appears to be a 1/8" blade.
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          Yes I have seen that done at woodworking shows in the Carter Bandsaw accesories booth.
          I wonder if they have a carter bandsaw guide on the saw.
          Mike C.


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