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Delta SS350 blade holding question

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  • Delta SS350 blade holding question


    im having trouble getting the blade to hold sometimes.
    Seems like no matter how tight i make it the blade slips out.

    Doesnt do it all the time, so i guess i dont know how to put the blade in and tighten it up.

    Anyone else have or had a problem.
    Pete Ripaldi

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    A couple of things could be happening.
    Try taking a pice of sandpaper and sanding the end of the blade where it clamps in. The extra tooth may help.

    Check the clamping mechanism, if there are any burrs on the clamping surface they too could be sanded.

    Check the blade tension, if it is too high the blade clamps may not be strong enough to hold the blade..

    If you have tried all these then you could call Delta and explain the problem, The clamp could be faulty and need replacement.
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      I tend to have the same problem with mine. You have to make sure you get that little blade in there just right.

      I have noticed at times that the tension setting is too high and the blade will pop out.

      I've tried sanding the end of the blade as Carl suggested and have some luck with that but I think most of the problem is just learning exactly how that little tiny blade has to sit in there.

      Or maybe you're just not holding your mouth just right for it to stay
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        I've read about this happening to others so I always take a file and run across both sides of each end prior to installing the blade. It takes just a couple seconds and I rarely have it happen. I scroll with a Dremel but I believe the principal will be the same. Good luck.

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          thanks for the quick suggestings , i'll try the sandpaper and file.

          Does the lever on yours "snap" into place when you go past center and tighten it. The top one on mine doesnt but the bottom one does.

          oh...holding my mouth the right way, havnt been doing that.
          ive been crossing my eyes and sticking my tongue out.

          the knowledge on this board is just amazing........
          Pete Ripaldi

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            Can't say that I've paid attention to the lever snapping. I'll have to pay closer attention next time.
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              pete00, I have the Delta P-20 with the same type blade clamps, at first I was having a problem like you and I read the instruction manual again and have had no problem since. You don't want to get the clamp too tight as this will eventually break the clamp, been there done that. Adjusting the thumb screw to the blade thickness is the trick and it takes very little pressure to hold the blade in place. Make sure the blade is in the clamp straight up and down so the entire clamp is holding it. Good luck with it. Mick
              Mick, - Delta P-20

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                Thanks Mick

                Ill have to slow down and take a look at what im doing.
                Pete Ripaldi

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                  I keep some "wet wipes" in my shop and use one to wipe the ends of my blades before putting them in the saw. This seems to help my blades from loosening up as I saw.
                  Theresa E




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                    Hay Pete. I had that problem too. was lost when it happened. becouse i had been cutting for a long time, but when it happened to me. I was cutting some thick wood, 1/2 red oak. and i couldn't keep the blade in no matter what i did. I tightned the tention. , I tightned set scrue, no matter what i did it kept slipping out. so i found out , that some blades have some oil or what ever on them. and I had to wipe them with alittle alcohole. and don't tighten every thing up so much or you will have more problems latter with other things. if you are cutting thick wood. you need to , Maybe slow down. or lube the blade . so it will slide better in the wood. or even tape your project. so that will lube your blade. the sand papper works too. but i like alcohole. i bought a lube stick from wildwoods. and it last forever. or at least along time. but you still have to take car of the ends. hope this helps


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                      I found that if I insert the blade in the lower assembly all the way to the "stop" then I don't have enough length at the top to provide a good grip. So I lift the blade off the "stop" a fraction and that helps.


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                        More great tips...

                        THanks all for the help.......pete
                        Pete Ripaldi

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