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    : I am looking to purchase a scroll saw. I want a hobby and I think this would be fun. I am wondering what saws other have and what you like or dislike about them. I am female 49 and do know my way around tools but scroll saws are foreign to me. Any and all opinions are welcome. Thanks.

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    Re: Scroll Saw

    in the cheaper models a DeWalt 788, Expensive model RBI 220 Hawk. After several Craftsman I went to the RBI 220 Hawk and have not regretted the expense.


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      Re: Scroll Saw

      I tell you what....I've had a delta two-speed for several years and didn't have any major complaints until I wanted to do some fretwork. Threading the blades through the holes and reattaching was a pain. This summer I got a Dewalt on an auction sale at an incredible price and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I would say for a medium range priced machine this would fit the bill. Of course if you can afford more, get more. Pam


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        Re: Scroll Saw

        Here's my experience:

        I've had three models
        1 - Ryobi
        2 - Dewalt
        3 - RBI 220

        Don't even consider the Ryobi. If your on a budget get the DeWalt, if not the RBI.


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          Re: Scroll Saw

          I have had a cheaper model Delta and now have a better grade of Dremel and I suppose both would do the job if you just want to 'once in awhile' go use a scrollsaw. But if you are a serious scroller (which I am not at present) you will probably want a better saw, I keep hearing good things about the new Delta 20 I think is the model number, they (scrollers ) are saying it is better than the DeWalt, if I were buying one right now, don't know, would like to have a Hegner or RBI but then, I probably don't need one right now! I would still look at the DeWalt, as a lot of people swear by it...there now! are you sufficiently confused? where am I/ who are these people?? LOL


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            Re: Scroll Saw

            Hey, Dave I wonder where you are too......'specially if I'm ever to get that heron pattern to ya. Thought I had your address written down, but darnwed if I can find it. Send me an email with your PO addy, would ya?



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              Re: Scroll Saw

              I haven't had much experience with scroll saws. But from the wood shows I've been to, Hegner seems to have the best machine on the market, but it aint cheap.

              By the way I just read an article on a revolutionary scroll saw design. The Eclipse scroll saw retails for $1500. It uses a toothed belt to move the blade, called an oscillating loop drive. The blade moves on pistons and has a much longer stroke, 1.5 in. Incredible machine, read more about it in the American Woodwork.


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                Re: Scroll Saw

                I have a Hegner and love it , you can see it on:
                On this forum they have talked a lot about what scroll saw to buy:
                It seems that most prefer the Delta P-20 right now. It is in the middle price range.
                If you want a Hegner, just contact me.

                Mike M


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