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  • looking for a bandsaw

    I am adding to my list of tools. My scroll saw is great but I need a bandsaw to but thicker wood and straight cuts. I am still a rookie and am not interested in spending a lot of money on an elaborate. I think I need a miter and a fence for it but if anyone has any input to what they think is important I would like to know.

    I have been disappointed in the reviews for the Delta 9" table top at Lowe's. It seems it needs a lot of adjustment and messing around to get it to make good cuts. Yesterday I was in Sears and found a Craftsman 10" table top but have been unable to find any reviews or information on it. I am looking to spend up to $300 and it must be a table top model. I am quickly running out of room in my workshop/garage.

    What kind of bandsaw do you use?


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    Check this one out

    Look at the one from
    I have it and it does great for my work. It has a 12" throat because of the three wheel design and is priced right. All take some time to first set it up.


    Old Dust


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      Bandsaw selection criteria

      Some of the questions I would ask include,
      • size of table,
      • ease of bandsaw blade changing,
      • capacity to use small blades (e.g. 1/16") for scrollsaw work,
      • type of guides and thrust bearings,
      • size of motor,
      • floor to table height,
      • ease of fine tuning,
      • number and type of dust collection vents.
      • Is it a steel or cast iron body (not so much a question of weight rather whether you can install a riser if required)?

      I hope this helps,

      Tony Ward


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        Pat, I cant be of much help, as I have a floor standing BS, but I had a Pro-Tech brand 9 inch one I got for Christmas a few years ago, and was midway through assembling it when the deal on the jet 14 inch came along, so I sold it to someone, and I do know, that Pro_tech bandsaw was a lot of plastic, Im not even sure how he liked it. Dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          I had a 3 wheel Craftsman that I bought at a yard sale. The problem with it was the blades were so thin (so that they could flex around the small wheels) that they twisted easily and tended to track when they dulled slightly.The bottom blade guides should be as close to the bottom of the table as possible, this helps to control the blade
          I bought a Delta 14 inch and put it on wheels so that I can tuck it in the corner.
          . . I have since added the 6" riser so that I can resaw.
          The one thing I don't have in my shop is enough horizontal surfaces to put tools on. So I will put every thing on wheels.
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