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    How does everyone keep there blades stored? they are so many different kinds/sizes, i was just thinking they gotta be a better way to do this. I was keeping them in origanal bags but the wife got me some of those balde tubes the other day now i cant think how to label them so i no whats in them. Rick

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    Hi Rick
    In SSW magazine issue 2 , Spring 2001, there is a good blade organizer, by Patrick Spielman. It was easy to make and stores alot of blades. I typed labels on the computer and wrapped each tube with a label to identify the blades. I also keep my small drill bits in a tube. I keep it on my work table in easy reach of my saw.
    Look to the left of this screen, you'll see a link to back issues, of the magazine, they might have one available.


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      Hi Rick I know what you meen. this is what I do now. lOL. my hubby smocks those dain old cygars. and i keep the plastic things put them in a holder which i cut out whith my forsner bits. and place my blade into them. marking them with a sharpie pen. on the outside. with the blade size and teeht per inch. it works great for me. your friend Evie


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        I drilled some holes in a scrap piece of 4x4, I then roll the labels that come with the blades up into the tubes for easy identification. I also have a small magnatic strip on my saw stand, I'll lay several blades on it when I'm sawing, when a blade breaks or it's time to change it they are right there in reach and I dont have to get up from the saw to get another one.
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          Here is my blade storage system. There are actually over twenty tubes in my rack and I took a picture of one end of it.
          I got the long tubes from the wine making supplies section of a grocery store . They are the ones for syphoning wine out of 5 gallon carboys. I cut them into short lengths and glued them into holes in a board and mounted the board on the wall behind my scrollsaw within easy reach. They only hold about three dozen blades each . I keep my backup stock at the back and when the envelpoes are emptied into the tubes I save the empty envelopes so I know which ones to include in my next order.

          Forgot to mention that the little self stick labels in front of every tube shows the size and style of every type of blade in the tube directly behind it . . ..
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            Hey Rick,
            I put this holder together from some ply scraps and a dozen tube holders. The labels inside are a copy/paste from the blade suppliers that list the name of the blade, the dimensions, the tooth count, and the minimum drill size. That way all the information you need is right there, and if you change blades in the tube you just pull the paper out and replace it.

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