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  • Dewalt stand

    Hi all. i was just wandering if someone could tell me if the stand is worth getting right now i have mine bolted to a bench and it works fine but i was looking into buying the stand, could someone maybe tell me the pros and cons of haveing it. i would appreciate it Rick

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    One thing I like about the DeWalt stand is that it's rear leg is adjustable, this allows me to elevate the rear of the saw higher then the front, tilting my table towards me at an angle, I prefer this angle of sight to cut my projects, the stand is designed with this in mind and still gives the saw plenty of stability.

    My first saw was a Dremel 1680 and I used a stand with it also, but it didn't have this capibility, so I placed a 4x4 under the rear legs and achieved the desired angle I like.

    I don't currently have the room to mount my saw to my work bench, plus it's not at the right height any way.


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      Yes, I think the stand is worth it. It makes it easier to sit at the saw and get up close and personal. I've found that it's most comfortable for me to sit slightly to the right of center, with my left foot placed on the bottom brace of the stand. Of course your mileage may vary.
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        Yes, the stand is a valuable piece. It does tilt by adding the extension on the back leg.Leave the bolts loose, then set the saw on and begin tightening the stand from the saw base, and work your way down. You will be happy with it I'm sure. Check ebay for a stand and compare prices. Dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          well i orded my stand today from due to the positive feedback on it. thanks to all who replyed Rick


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            Hi . even though i don't have a Dewalt. i do have a stand on my saw. and it freed up space on my work tabale. you can put it anywhere. even out side. not only that. but you can bolt it to the flore. making it safer from thevfs. and more stabale. its hard to clamp a scrollsaw down on you tabale. at least thats been my experiants. you will injoy it more now with all the options that the ubove has given you. good luck and enjoy. your frined Evie


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