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  • p-20

    i bought a p-20 about a month ago like it very much but i was scroll sawing today i heard a noise by the belt next thing i know the belt broke just like you cut with a knife any idea what happened?????

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    Never have heard of a belt breaking yet on the P20. A month old they should
    replace it on warranty. Just a defective belt I guess. But that is not good to be out of a saw waiting for parts so soon.
    Rick Hutcheson


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      I have had my P 20 for about 3 years and have never broken a belt. Like Rick said must have been a defective belt.
      Give Delta a call they will send you a new one.

      Delta P-20 & Q-3

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        barnja, My P-20 developed a strange noise last winter in the belt area. I discovered a small bump on the belt was hitting the bottom. Must not be very much clearance there. I took some sandpaper and sanded the bump off thus solving the worrysome noise. Mick
        Mick, - Delta P-20

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          Sure sounds like a factory defect from whatever company makes those belts for Delta.
          A belt packing in sure beats a VS speed controller from packing in though whether it is under warranty or not. . And especilally if the warranty has run out. I am glad for you that you will be getting a new belt under your two year warranty.
          Three and a half years and thousands of hours of heavy stack sawing on mine and the original belt still looks like new. I cleaned it with a little warm soapy water about a year ago because it looked dirty but aside from that , regulary putting a couple drops of oil in the oil cups every 25 hours as recommended , that has been about the extent of my service requirements. It's been an awasome saw.

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            i phoned delta they are sending me a new belt but i could not wait so i took an old panty hose and used as a belt it worked real well!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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              It just goes to show how ingenious scrollers can be just to cut a piece of wood!
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              Delta P-20


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                Ah pantyhose,

                The universal belt replacement: good enough for the car, good enough for the scrollsaw.

                There actually was an ad where the guy was on the side of the road with a broken fan belt, and the beautiful girls stops to help. You're thinking that he is lucky and is going to score when you see her reaching under her skirt. Next shot she finishes tying the pantyhose on the pulleys and takes off with a big smile with the female announcer saying that women have some advantages over men (or something to that effect). I believe it was an ad for pantyhose, but don't really remember the brand, only remembered the trick in case I ever got in that situation.

                Glad you found a way to prevent withdrawal symptoms while waiting for the replacement belt

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