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    What is the difference between the Dewalt DW788 Type 1 and type 2 saws. I found a new unused type 1 but don't know how old it is. When was the type 2 brought out?
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    Type 1 were made locally.
    Type 2 imported from Asia.

    Type 1: everyone says they love.
    Type 2: Known problems with table flatness & a wedge that determines spacing for blade, preventing proper grip on blades for some machines.

    Date of switch over? Unknown to me. But I'm sure someone else will answer that

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      not all type 2 saws have the issues, its a hit and miss thing.I am sure Rick can give a pretty good date as to when the switch of country of origin took place. When Marcel says locally, he means in Canada. Dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        This is what Ray sent me. He told me not too long ago that Sommerville Design is sold to an other company but will keep making the Excalibur.

        Mike M

        242 National Dr
        Rockwall, TX 75032
        July 31, 2003
        Attention: Mr. Ray Seymore
        Dear Ray,
        Just thought I would write to you in response to your inquiries. As of February 2003, Sommerville Design and Mfg. INC. officially ceased manufacturing the DeWalt DW788 scroll saw and related products.
        The production of this saw has moved to the far east in order to capitalize on some cost reduction opportunities, therefore you can appreciate the fact that we have no influence on any future models with respect to quality or features. I am also unable to predict what changes, if any will be instituted.
        This is going to allow us to concentrate more time on further developing and refining the "Excalibur" line of products. Specifically we will continue to supply the EX-19 and EX-30 machines with North American made electrical components and local materials whenever possible.
        I hope this brings you up to speed on current events and answers some of your questions.

        We are looking forward to the "new" future.
        Yours truly,
        Tom Sommerville
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        SD Mike


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          Thank you Mike. Hey, do you have any knowlege on how sales have been on the new purple saw. I havent heard of many that have that saw. Dale
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            purple saw

            Dale, Are You Refering To The Eclipse ?


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              No, thats a blue saw!!! I was refering to the tilting head excalibur. I already know that eclipse is a sweet machine...if only I could afford one! Dale
              Dale w/ yella saws


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                purple saw

                Huh, I Thought It Was Purple !!! Lol
                Rain Man


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                  Sorry rainman, but I have a tendancy to refer to many saws by color rather then brand name. I do say the excaliber is much more purpler then the eclipse (which would be nicer if it were in a color we could associate with Mellon, like a watermelon color!!!). You know the yella ones, the red is a rbi, orange hegners, and on and on. just my twisted mind at work I guess.
                  If you ever want to here a hilarious story about saw colors, and you ever get the chance to meet Dale Whistler, have him tell you the story . Its a great one! dale
                  Dale w/ yella saws


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