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spiral reverse baldes and hard to cut wood

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  • spiral reverse baldes and hard to cut wood

    Hi All, Been On Vacation. I Have Been Cutting The Hardest Wood I've Ever Cut. Maple Burl About 100 Years Old. Has The Little Spikes All Around, And Looks Great With Any Kind Of Fish In It. A Pain In The Butt To Cut. I Am Almost Glad I Only Have A Couple Of Pieces Left. My Point Of This Thread Is That I Went Through 30 Blades And I'm Only Half Way Done. I Use 2/0 Which Only Lasts For About 3 Cuts And The I Tried Larger Sizes, All Being Spiral Blades. I Bought Some Spiral Reverse About A Year Ago That I Really Dont Like, But A Thought Hit Me. So I Got Them Out And All I Can Say Is For That Hadr Piece Of Wood You May Be Cutting, The Spiral Reverse Cuts It Like Butter, Frozen Butter, But It Is A Lot Easier To Cut This Stuff With Them. Just A Rambleing Thought. Tks, Rain Man---------welcome Back Evie !

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    LOL, like frozen butter, well thats great to hear!! Im glad your keeping at it, burls are great. Cant wait to see pictures of it. Dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      Can't wait to see the pic. bet it is great. I tryed the revers spirales. and didn't like them much. nice on the bottom. but made the wood jump around alot more. sounds like you got it down. maybe i'll try them again. SHOW a picture. lol. your friend Evie


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        I understand supporting the magazine and agree. I just do not find many projects that fit my desires.

        I would like to see them do a poll with subscribers to find out what type projects people want to see....
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        First off how thick is the board you cut?
        When I want something to stand out I use backer-boards 1/8 thick to get the depth.
        that means you would have to cut the big cutting into pieces to put the spacer behind.
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        I am stunned at the fact it wasn't rotted or termite destroyed. That must've been one blessed lady. Thank you for what you all are doing!
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        Pretty boards. Our Walmart didn't have any when I went. Thank you for sharing though.
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        Looking at the image, I would sand down the clouds a bit on the left (as you're looking at it) make it look like the clouds on the right are the closest to you. Then with the clouds to the left being less pronounced it will make it look more like he is sitting on them. Humorous design choice...
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