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In need of a scrollsaw manual

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  • In need of a scrollsaw manual

    Can anyone tell me where I might be able to get my hands on a manual and particularly a parts list for a Delta 255 scrollsaw. My saw is losing its lower blade holder and I need to know the part number for the blade holder and the pin.

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    Hey Duane;
    Did you check out the Delta site? They have a free download service in pdf for service manuals and parts lists.
    Unless your saw is a very old model, you should be able to get it from there.

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      Silver Silver:

      Be aware that the new owners of Delta Machinery have instituted a policy of non-support for Delta tools that are go out of production after so many months have passed. Only if your part, or a similar part, is still in production use will you be able to get the part from Delta.

      With that being said, I emphatically urge you to see if the Delta Quick Set II blade chuck is compatible with your saw. Delta part number 40-251. BTW, the best place to view what the part looks like is at Do a search in Tools and Hardware for Delta 40-251. (Please shop around for other vendor prices and so forth, I just found the amazon photo is the best other than at Delta Machinery itself.)

      The Delta Quick Set II is a vast improvement on the old Delta Blade Chuck that uses a complex hex wrench to tighten down the chuck on a SS blade.

      Aside: The removal of the old blade chuck and installation of the new takes an intermediate to advance level of mechanical skill and tool use skill. You are your own best judgment on that.

      When I contacted Delta Machinery by email and ask them about my old saw, they told me the lower arm would have too much interference to be useful. But replacing the Top has done wonders for me. In your case I would swap the upper to the lower arm, and install the new one the top arm.

      Don't forget to replace the rubber gasket if your saw uses one.



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        Manuals for saws

        Check out this link.
        They have Dewalt and Delta service manuals and exploded diagrams, free to download in PDF format.

        If you are a non US customer there is also a free password.
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          Thanks to all of you for your help. First let me make a correction to my original post. My Delta is a SS250, not a 255 as I stated. You may not have even noticed.

          Bill, the Delta site only forwards me to ServiceNet. Carl, the dewaltservicenet site apparantly does not have any manuals or exploded diagrams for the 250. They do have these documents for the 350. Phil, apparantly the Quick Set II blade chuck is not compatible with the 250. At the Amazon part number 40-251 site it states that it fits the 40-540 and the 40-560 scroll saws.

          My lower blade holder is very loose and appears to be worn out. Either the split pin is worn or the chuch hole in which the pin goes is worn or both. So it seems that this saw is now a throw-away. I purchased it from Amazon a little less than a year ago. I still have a couple of options. There are service centers in Omaha, NE, Des Moines, IA and Minneapolis, Mn. Perhaps If I call them one at a time they might have the parts on hand.

          I just e-mailed Delta. Should hear from them in a couple days. Thanks again.


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            Finally called Delta. They are shipping out the parts needed. I found out that my saw was still in warranty. No Charge. WooHoo.


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              Congrats Silversilver. I have had good response from Delta in the past too.

              I still have the frame and upper arms of an old Delta 40 560.
              I am thinking of using the counterbalance and Pittman arm for a treadle saw.
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